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  • sunnyboy2000 sunnyboy2000 Oct 4, 1998 11:57 PM Flag

    Hard to find honesty !

    People who have been hammering ebay on this board
    are two groups . 1- First those frome the ebay's
    competitors ( the lower the stock price goes the weaker
    financial strength of the company for expansion ) . 2-
    Second group are those who would love to buy the stock
    but would want to get it cheaper . So the more people
    sell, the lower the stock price goes ; then they will
    step in buy the stock and come back to this board with
    a new I.D. praising the stock and great future of
    the company .

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    • I think most people are in the second group. They like
      the company, but they feel the current price is too overvalued,
      so they will wait the price to drop down, then buy the shares.

    • I think EBAY is a good company, atleast it's
      making money and is profitable. The site isn't fancy,
      but the idea is great. I've used it a couple times
      and it's pretty cool. I used to bid on Onsale, but
      never really got a good deal there. I don't know how
      people can pay over retail prices for liquidated shit. I
      guess considering some of the idiots that bid high live
      in Montanna or the skokies, it's a good deal to
      them. Any comments on this? I"m bothered by idiot
      people bidding high on these auction sites. THey're
      getting ripped hard!

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