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  • The_Average_Gatsby The_Average_Gatsby Oct 5, 1998 3:45 PM Flag

    Ebay = Geocities Part II

    nneeeooowwwww....crash!! (burn, burn,

    Just like Geocities this flaming dog is going
    hit the ground going about 100mph taking

    everybody who was foolish enough to buy at +40
    with it.
    Jeeeezuuss. Internet = stupid investor
    tricks. You've been

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    • Japan is experiencing a full blown recession, and
      it is heading towards the US like a tidal wave, or
      as we say in Hawaii, a tsunami. October 24th is the
      drop dead date...all of the holders of the original
      stock certificates purchased in the primary market at
      $18/share will be dumping this stock like sharks to a feed.
      It is better to find out early, then after it is too
      late. You still have time to get out...Yahoo's numbers
      come out on Wednesday. Just look at these alarming
      technicals to see for yourself:

      The fact that the G7 is meeting with President
      Clinton should tell you tells me that
      things are already out of control, and it is unlikely
      that anyone can stop it. Just sell, you will thank me can always buy back in when it reaches single
      digits. I hate to see people lose their shirt...I've seen
      it happen to a family member recently. I'm talking a
      loss of 85%...EBAY is one of those companies that will
      definately continue to lose.

      The Ho

    • anybody that has the audacity to bag on the
      darlings of the NASDAQ--internet stocks-is accused of
      being a shorter with vested interests. is this a market
      of lemmings, or what? people bid this trendy
      nonsense up as though they were bidding for a Rembrandt at
      Southebys. it seems nowadays all a company needs to become
      absurdly overvalued is a .com and no tangible product to

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