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  • short_ebay short_ebay Oct 16, 1998 6:17 PM Flag

    Longs: thank Goldman Sachs

    Looked at today's chart and it appears the market
    maker decided this stock was going to 36 and not going
    below. Artificial support is allowed on an IPO during
    the first month or so. After this initial period, no
    more help is allowed.

    Nothing has changed with
    this company. Yes, I lost money today, but I am here
    for the long haul. Should be a few months before
    momentum dies and people realize that the competition in
    this field is getting very intense. A good example of
    this is with E-trade. They were the first to get out
    of the blocks and shot up to the 40's. Now E-trade
    is in the mid-teens.

    Everyone agrees this
    stock is overpriced. Momentum and market maker support
    are driving the price up. However, once the momentum
    turns, the fall down will be even more

    5 more trading days left until IPO's get out.

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    • I guess after todays rise in price you are really
      sucking some wind. and yes after a few days you can also
      buy this stock on margin. You will really see this
      stock fly. Regarding E-trade their stock sucks because
      thay have lousy customer service and keep their site
      up during heavy trading causing investors to use
      other online brokers. Do some DD will ya. After all
      EBAY was rated a BUY today.

    • I hope your right short_ebay.

      I feel like
      I got punched in the stomach the past few days. I'm
      glad I didn't short anymore shares

      My broker says the P/E on this stock is ridiculously
      high for an Internet stock or any other

      I'm hanging on for a while. I was hoping this stock
      would continue to move south instead of

      Right now it looks like a state supported schools for
      the youngins.

      Short_ebay -- Where do you see
      this stock on Nov 1 and Dec 1?

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      • Yeah, the fundamentals suck, but they do at most
        hotshot internet companies (like Yahoo).

        eBay is
        not comparable to EGGS or Onsale. eBay competes with
        classified ads, not retail. They are different markets, with
        different psychologies.

        Did you know that a
        significant proportion of classifieds readers will buy the
        classifieds without any intention of purchasing anything?
        It's like you stock traders who keep up on the numbers
        even if you aren't trading. Did you know that most
        classifieds, with the exception of Harte-Hanks, are privately
        owned, and a not well understood business?

        is not only an auction. It has real potential for
        refinement and re-targeting. It has the potential to
        seriously change the business of classified ads and,
        ultimately, the newspaper business.

        Think about it.
        I'm waiting for the price to drop, for people to get
        confused for a while, and then buying long.

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