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  • short_ebay short_ebay Oct 19, 1998 12:13 PM Flag

    Not covering...

    One thing about momentum, it works both ways. Go up fast, come down even faster...

    4 more trading days left

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    • Kwondds Your full of sh#t.

      Anyhow this is
      one of the very select few internet stocks that has
      any revenue. Yes yahoo can sell the same service for
      free but they will need to get the phenomenal number
      of users that ebay has before people will start
      dumping ebay's service for yahoos. I surf ebay and I've
      tried yahoo. Yahoos service makes its money on the adds
      that take 15-30 seconds to download and within a short
      period of time Iam tired of using there slow clumbersome
      service. Plus there's nothing on it to buy anyhow. I will
      gladly pay a small fee to have much quicker service.
      There are dealers on Ebay that have fancy web pages
      attached to their products and when I come across one I
      quickly hit the "back" button. If your trying to look at
      a couple hundred items in a short period of time
      then you don't have time to download stupid
      advertisments. Thats exactly why yahoo and all the others will
      fail!!!! SPEED SELLS

    • I think you'll be broke before you ever see
      $15.00 and you'll be out of $$$$ before you can ever
      short anything again. I am just trying to save you from
      loosing your shirt. Jump on board before you're left on
      the dock.

    • I justed shorted another 1500 shares.

    • hmm... 4 more trading days till the 30 days are
      up; but 5 more trading days till earnings. Us longs
      are looking forward to next week just as much as you
      shorts. Short a profitable internet stock? heh heh heh, I
      guess you'll have to learn the hard way. Didn't your
      name used to be 'short_amazon?' *LOL*

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