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  • shortcharles shortcharles Oct 19, 1998 3:16 PM Flag

    EBAY BABY!!!

    Long to 120!!

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    • shorts have to
      cover. that's probably why it's up so much today,
      'short_ebay' probably morgaged his 1 bedroom shack to cover
      his shorts. dr. short is probably splatered on a


      This is a classic example of irrational
      exuberance on internet stocks. I feel sorry for those people
      who bought today because EBAY will settle on the 20's
      again when all the dusts settle. EBAY offers nothing
      uniqe that cannot be duplicated by major competitors
      such as YHOO, AOL, AMZN etc. This baby will definitely
      go down soon. I have the pleasure of watching this
      stock move up today and looking at the volume I knew
      that most people buying are in smaller blocks. The
      most I saw was 10,000 shares between 3 pm to 4 pm. In
      addition a lot of nervous shorts also

      I've not shorted EBAY before but today I shorted EBAY
      in 3 increments, first 500 shares @ 42 then 1000
      shares at 45 and then another 1500 shares at 45 1/2. Any
      decent investors would know that EBAY is definitely
      heading downhill.

      Whoever that analyst Ms. Cook
      projected EBAY @ 50 and noww EBAY is 3 points below 50
      what'll EBAY do????? Is she going to initiate another
      coverage tomorrow saying that EBAY will be @100 because
      her estimates were "conservative".

      I bet some
      smart long already bailed out and started shoirting
      this stock like crazy.

      • Ebay has $63,000,000.00 cash reserve from its
        IPO. Money that it can use to invest in and/or buy
        other online auction houses. In addition they can
        acquire an online server and virtually no overhead. We
        look at and see that they trade at over
        $105.00 per share with zero profits. The press release
        also stated that the earnings estimates for Ebay were
        extremely conservative. Ebay is projected to have revenues
        of 450 mil. in 2005. With 3.5 mil shares outstanding
        and little overhead you are looking at exceptional
        value. I recall MSFT and DELL when i missed the boat
        this time,however, on taking the cruise and those that
        don't will loose.

      • But think you are wrong!
        Difference with ebay
        is they are making money now! Look for a buyout from
        YHOO or one of the other well capitalized
        Shorry you're short suggest you cover your positions

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