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  • IKNOWBONITA IKNOWBONITA Oct 20, 1998 11:28 AM Flag

    Market set for tremendous fall...1929 al

    World economy deteriorating rapidly as shown by
    U.S. trade data and U.S. stock market gyrating upward
    incredibly fast. Internet stocks are being bid up to
    incredibly high values, while they are essentially close to
    worthless assets by book value or sales or earnings
    measures. The prime beneficiaries of these stocks are the
    owners with huge numbers of stock options and the
    underwriters who get paid megabucks and then hype a company
    worth very little, irregardless of potential
    consequences to investing public. I believe many internet high
    fliers worth less than 10% of current market caps, not
    to mention the mountain of unexercised stock
    When this thing blows, get the hell out of the way.
    It's got a long, long, long way to fall.

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    • According to the Securities and Exchange
      Commision - Enforcement Division - Pumping up the value of
      a "worthless" stock is fraud. This stock is way
      "overvalued". If it does go down, the SEC could possibly
      investigate if someone is "brave enough" to turn them in.
      Even manipulating the Market Price (such as
      recommending a "buy" 1 week before the 30 days is up) may be
      considered FRAUD.

      Click on Enforcement division

      I am looking into
      "shorting this stock" BIG TIME in a few short days. This is
      going to be fun!!

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