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  • Rain___Maker Rain___Maker Oct 26, 1998 12:07 PM Flag

    KTEL #2 FOR A FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PUMP A

    Unbelievable! I wonder how many shares DLJ

    It's bullshit like this that winds up crippling the
    whole internet sector.

    I wonder what has changed
    in a month that the value of EBAY went from 18 to
    100. Wow they really work fast over

    What happened, DLJ hired Riley????

    What an
    absolute JOKE!!

    I just feel bad for the people who
    shorted this thing, and also for the people who bought
    today at these prices.

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    • for the explanation. I've set a stop at 69, so it's encouraging to hear that it may have touched 75 after hours. We'll see tomorrow.


    • 12:10 ET ******

      EBAY INC (EBAY) 65 7/16
      +15 5/16. DLJ Internet analyst Jamie Kiggen grabbing
      headlines today after issuing an eye-popping 12-month price
      target of $100 on shares of person-to-person online
      auctioneer eBay. The comments have sparked a 31% rally in
      the stock (intraday high $65 9/16, open $60), on
      heavy volume of 2.5 million shares. Benefitting from
      the trickle down effect of frenzied buying are shares
      of former high-flyer Onsale Inc (ONSL 17 7/8 +2
      5/8). The recently out-of-favor ONSL is in the process
      of transitioning itself from what amounted to an
      off-price retailer (disposing of close-out computer
      products) to a person-to-person auction shop with wider
      margins and lower carrying costs. However, as we reported
      on Oct. 19 following ONSL's Q3 earnings report, the
      company still has millions of dollars of inventory to
      unload and margins are showing little improvement. But
      back to eBay. According to Kiggen, EBAY displays all
      of the characteristics of an Internet category
      leader: a huge market opportunity, significant
      competitive barriers, an increasing returns business model,
      and a massive, loyal and growing customer base. In a
      research report issued last week, BancBoston Robertson
      Stephens forecast that eBay's auction revenues could vault
      to $350 million by 2001 and earnings could explode
      to $1.50 a share. EBAY is scheduled to report Q3
      earnings tomorrow after the close. . The mean estimate of
      the five analysts surveyed is $0.03 a share, but feels that there is little chance EBAY won't
      report an upside surprise. We haven't seen this type of
      institutional fervor attached to an Internet name since (AMZN) came to market. It appears that eBay has
      been chosen by analysts as the next market darling. In
      fact, Kiggen goes so far as to recommend that investors
      consider including eBay as one of the core holdings in
      their Internet portfolio.

      Stock Market Cap
      Trailing 12 Months Gross Margin Price/Sales
      Ratio 1999
      eBay Inc
      (EBAY) $2.5 billion $19 million
      88% 132.0 profit $0.13
      (ONSL) $331
      million $182 million 10.7% 1.8 profit $0.02

    • I don't claim to be expert, but I was told that
      the price after the market close is mostly
      late trades...trades that actually happened during
      market hours but was not executed correctly or in time.
      A few may be Toronto exchange trades but the time
      is not really the time the trades were

      Real 'afterhours' trades happens at 'Instinet', a
      network accessable only by least not on the

      Anyone else knows better, please jump in!

      said ebay afterhours is 75 or at least touched 75...

    • I went to the suggested site, then read your
      message: late trades on not Afterhour

      Can you explain what I am looking at. There's much
      there I don't understand.

      Thanks -


    • someone on SI claims it hit 75 in after hours. Sorry, no other info

    • So many confuses late trades with Instinet afterhour trades.

      Anyone has Instinet quote????

    • any after hours on this one?

    • Anybody got any after quotes on this one?

    • have a great night, you too, shorts!!!

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