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  • gomarek gomarek Oct 26, 1998 8:43 PM Flag

    DLJ comments, bet they get sued over it.

    EBay has 645,000 users (each valued at

    Consider that statement. With a maximum fee of 5% and net
    income of 15%, you would have to first take the $6500 x
    20 for the gross value of the products sold $130,000
    and then gross up a factor of six to reflect cashflow
    and net income.

    Therefore, DLJ is predicting
    that each of these 645,000 users will be selling
    (ready) $780,000 worth of stuff between now and the end
    of 1999.

    For those with calculators too
    small, that's $500 BILLION in gross sales.

    it out $500 billion x 5% = $25 billion.

    billion x 15% (net) = $3,750,000,000

    approximately $6500 per user for all 645,000

    Think about it, $500 BILLION !!!!!!

    What the
    f*ck was this guy smoking?

    Never mind him,
    what were the people who bought this $17 stock doing
    paying $74 a share for it?

    eBay, earned $750,000
    (that's thousand) in the last Q.

    If they have a
    ten-fold increase in net income in this Q and report $7.5
    million. This stock is overpriced by about

    Amazing . . .

    Last stat, $500 BILLION between now
    and 1999 is $15,500 per second. Every second, for the
    next fourteen months.

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