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  • petetanner petetanner Nov 18, 1998 10:36 PM Flag

    Why EBAY should go down but will go up

    EBAY is a nice little site, based upon a cgi
    script. That's all it is. It has little tangible

    Ebay has a market cap of about 6
    40 million shares times $.17 earings
    earings per year
    882 years to earn back the market
    As EBAY grows, it will be using more bandwidth,
    which costs a lot of money. Cgi scirpts, which is
    basically what EBAY is, especially bogs down the server.
    With the above information, this stock would seem to
    be an obvious short. However, idiots who know
    nothing about running a large website buy this stock, and
    it goes up. It has become a self fullfilling market.
    I know this stock will go up, but I won't buy it in
    fear of it going down, and then I'll be hitting myself
    in the head because I know it so overpriced. It will
    probably take years for everyone to figure out that most
    of these web site stocks won't turn out to anything.

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    • It currently has a PE of 882. C'mon people.
      That's not too bad.

      Lets be nice and give them a
      PE of 100. That means they only need to earn an
      additional $1.43 a share in fiscal 99. At 3.5% profit
      margin, that's only $1.6 billion in revenue. That's not a
      far cry from their current sales of $40 million

      Ha! Insanity rules the day.

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