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  • Robberbarron_2000 Robberbarron_2000 Mar 29, 1999 9:47 AM Flag

    stubbornly above 150...

    this crap stock begs to be shorted!!!!!!

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    • ut sounds like a strong business model. However Monday watch the EBAY tape action.

      Regards sir.

    • ds over the net...check it out do some DD you wont regret it SNMM up up and away

    • Friday, April 30.

      But I'll be tellin ya
      this, maties: it's a treasure hunt we'll be

      I'll post a small bit o stuff every Friday, between 3
      and 4. If you were lucky enough to see this and
      plucky enough to keep reading, you'll be buyin like a
      fiend on Monday, May 3rd.

      First bit o stuff:
      this stock exists now, it's an internet play AND it
      has NOTHING to do with auctions.

    • Nasdaq 100 - double top or upside resistance
      breakout? ND breakdown will affect Internets the most.

      The Nasdaq 100 is currently at the top of a trading
      range bound by 2150 and 1880. The top of the range was
      first touched on February 1. When the Feb 1 peak was
      formed, an evening star formed (candlestick formation).
      The evening star is a bearish formation and preceded
      the subsequent break of the trend line extending up
      from the October lows. The index then traded down to
      1880 and from there began the current trading range.

      Now that the index is at the top of the trading
      range the big question remains. Monday's sharp advance
      was followed by a small reversal day on Tuesday (the
      index was up most of the day, but closed down near the
      lows by the end of the day). On Wednesday, there was a
      sharper reversal day with volume picking up. These
      reversals at resistance levels, combined with weakening
      momentum and breadth, point to at least a short term top.
      Not to make life easy for techies, the index then
      rallied on Thursday going into the holiday. There still
      appears to be selling pressure developing and now that
      the third quarter and 401K deadlines has passed, the
      Nasdaq will have a real test ahead.

      To view a
      chart on this commentary, go to

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      blend of technical analysis, fundamental insight and
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    • I should have realized - it's best to go long on
      EBay. After all, there won't be any competition, nor
      will their shares ever be diluted. This thing has no
      place to go butt [sic] up!

      So I've finally made
      up my mind - I will spend all of my money on EBay
      stock. My enormous EBay divendends will go to
      gold-plated tulip bulbs. I will buy as many as I can. Then I
      will DUTCH-AUCTION them off on EBay! And then I will
      be rich! Yes, RICH! And I'll issue my own shares for
      all of you to buy. Anybody want to invest with me
      now? Or lock in profits by buying futures in
      gold-plated tulip bulbs?

      Giving the genius of my
      business model, no competition, and the high cost of
      entry, I think a P/E of, let's say, about 10,000 would
      be modest..... Oh - I forgot, there are no earnings
      yet. Never mind, they'll be there!

    • /auction/bestfor.html target=new>

    • fterhours/


    • ividuals.
      Collectables and Antiquies are growing huge as the baby
      boomers grow older. Believe me, a couple of years ago I
      would never confess to shopping for these items. I'M
      hooked!! 44 and counting.

    • Auction site which specializes in movie/celebrity items...suppose to be the next EBay...Thank you in advance.

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