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  • black_lexus_coupe black_lexus_coupe Apr 23, 1999 5:18 PM Flag

    ebay most

    overvalued stock ever. It has a market value of $180,000,000.00
    per employee. Talk about tulips!!

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    • Like EBAY NSOL is one of the few internet
      companies that shows a profit. Their price has been
      unjustifiably beaten down because of fear of new compettion but
      according to the following article companies like AOL are
      not even ready to begin. The MM's were holding the
      price down on Friday. Despite all the buying interest
      they would not let it go above 81. Someone was buying
      big blocks during this time. Someone knows something
      and the smart money buys ahead of the crowd. Expect
      some big announcements this week.

    • So what if Bid.Com was .54 in October. Back in
      October right before EBAY came out it was around $6.00
      per share and now (presplit) it is over $600 per
      share. What is the idiot. You are jerk. Bid going from
      .54 to $10 and then much higher is not foolish. It is
      an auction company whose business plan fits where
      all analysts say auctions will be greatest in the
      future. Business to consumer, business to business, and
      licensing. So you are the real fool here. But then again I
      bet you are one of those who now that EBAY has
      rocketted so high goes around telling everyone (while
      beating your chest) that you bought EBAY back when it was
      $6.00 per share and you knew it would be what it is
      today. Get a life

    • Here you are again spamming this message over 100 times..we all know about least try another screen name with your crap attempt to cover your short..enjoy the squeeze..

    • you think that eBay is overvalued simply because
      it's just two floors in an office building. this is
      why it is so great. think about it: 15 Million bucks
      per year in capex vs the billions being spent my
      gaming companies in an already over-capacity

      Stocks follow ROIC. you are not going to find many
      companies with a better ROIC. that said, you can argue
      about valuation (but please don't use the same old
      bland 8000 PE argument). Maybe you argue that at this
      market valuation that the market has already priced in
      complete success for the next ten years, but don't tell me
      that eBay is overvalued because it is worth more than
      the combined value of all the gaming companies, which
      have MUCH more business model.

    • I posted that p/e as a tidbit like i said in the
      post it means nothing.And by the way i would not buy
      athm due to there p/e i wouldnt buy them due to some
      service problems ive heard about with them.oh and a
      little advice dont short any of these nets stocks never
      know when they are goging to pop.

    • if you can't handle more bullish EBAY

      Ebay's key ratios... READ EM AND WEEP. It's all

      Key Ratios for EBAY Fiscal Year Ended:

      1997 1996

      Sales/Cash: 1.54 3.61
      Sales G &
      A/Sales: 0.47 0.21
      Quick Ratio: 4.22 2.96
      Ratio: 4.42 3.13

      Net Sales/Working Capital:
      1.49 1.92
      Net Sales/Plants & Equip: 8.81

      Net Sales/Current Assets: 1.16 1.31
      Sales/Total Assets: 1.02 1.21

      Total Liabilities/Total
      Assets: 0.28 0.47
      Total Liabilities/Invested Capital:
      0.37 0.9
      Total Liabilities/Common Equity: 1.57

      Receivables Turnover: 5.61 2.24
      Days Sales: 64.18 160.65

    • about high P/E are real FOOLS.
      PE is no way
      to measure a stocks performance.
      When will you
      all learn ?

      ATHM is a great company. It is
      making loss right now.
      Imagine they make a profit of
      0.01 sometime soon.
      Do you know whats its PE would
      then be ? (at current stock price)
      It woudl be

      158.5/0.01 = 15850 !!

      So tell me now, will you not
      buy ATHM because of its high PE ?

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