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  • HeapsOfDollars HeapsOfDollars Apr 27, 1999 1:52 PM Flag

    EBAY should close UP today, major run

    should come in either the last hour or last 30 minutes
    of trade today. So, if you're out, better get back in.

    As for LONGS, we know how to HOLD our positions. Only
    way to profit.

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    • for a detailed response but I do not see EBAY trading back to the $140-$180 range unless there is another significant retracement in the NASDAQ (i.e. 10% or so).

    • >>EBAY is DONE!!!! Sell before it goes to

      What superfluous gutter sniping!
      Nonsense, Ebay will never close below $155, yeah verily, it
      shalt not even trade below $170 ever

      Here's why:
      1) Overwhelming positive earnings,
      customers, auctions, margins, low-debt, acquisitions &
      mergers. All bullish!
      2) Increasing volume & momentum,
      and other technical indicators.
      3) Additional
      shares coming into secondary market, giving more
      4) Insiders disposing of shares in order to acquire
      more (soon 900 million shares) - very bullish!
      P/E cut in half by blow-out earnings! Now, room to
      expand back to P/E of 8000 short term, 12,000 long
      6) SPO created much advertising and promotion of
      Ebay stock. Many firms and brokers promoting Ebay!
      People ready to buy!
      7) Goldman Sachs and other
      prestigious firms have their credibility on the line, and
      will continue massive support in the secondary
      8) Ebay still has no credible competition. Brand
      names are everything!
      9) EBAY very agressively
      advertising and expanding market share!
      10) Individuals
      getting RICH selling furbies and barbies on EBAY - the
      basis of a new electronic economy that will soon
      attract almost everyone in the United States... unlimited
      11) No longs are willing to sell, pent up holdings
      represent a floor below which Ebay cannot trade!
      Buy-and-hold protection.
      12) Ebay is CASH RICH and DEBT
      FREE! WOW! Very bullish.
      13) Short sellers continue
      to pump-n-dump (in reverse!) sending Ebay higher and
      higher in one short squeeze after another!
      14) Ebay
      has top-notch management that never makes stupid
      LEFT OUT!
      16) EBAY is ripe for takeover/merger with
      other blue chip internet players.
      17) Internet
      itself is a fundamental bull play, unlimited growth,
      unlimited earnings, unlimited potential. Betting against
      the internet is suicide.

    • ..Up 25 cents is still very much Up, isn't it?

      Yes, you're right, us LONGS deserve the growth
      our shares (splits) and stock prices.

      Do you
      share my sentiment that eBay is just taking
      breather after working very hard; and come tomorrow
      maybe the day after we will see it's stock
      gathering momentum - again - and shoot for the stars.

      Graudual is also good.

      p.s. What's your take on
      AMZN's earnings and how it's
      stock will reflect that
      come Wed?


    • Hi Genius,

      On nasdaq, for every seller
      there is a buyer, so four million is
      equal to two
      million actual sale. Yes some one had filed with
      in advance to sell this block of shares that is why
      it shows
      up as one big block. Chart is telling
      the truth, it is not
      screwed up.

      Now who
      bought these shares ? Some big brokerage house sold
      to their accouts with the idea that they can buy the
      shares at
      $220 and sell the cover calls Oct.180
      strike price for $70/sh
      and protect against

      Some one has to buy these calls for 70/sh and how they
      them self, by selling the short, so they do not loose

      This is high stake game for giants, not for
      individuals, there
      will be one looser for every one winner.
      Mostly individuals
      are majority

      Good luck......

    • The truth about "the bubble". I think I may have
      asked you this before, but what does a bubble look like
      on a standard Cartesian plot of price vs. time?
      Unless I know this, I can't effectively use this
      information you have so kindly provided.

      Catch you
      later. Time to relax for a few.

    • start with EBAY. Just ask Meg. She is the first
      bonafide female billionaire CEO in the tech world. She
      deserves it. Come to think of it, we all do. The longs, at
      any rate.

      We are up 1/4 today. I'll take that.
      Remember what I said about that NASDAQ a couple of days

    • EOM

    • "What an idiot. It's already back to $214. And
      going higher and higher and higher.... Kiss yer ass

      How old are we. I realize these boards are
      entertainment, but let's have fun not get all nasty!

      To say nothing of the fact that you were wrongo.

      lets see- "blowout Q" (duplicitously managed)
      up 1/4
      whats up? lack of shorts. thats whats
      up. I have never said this. You can short this stock
      on spikes now. The supply/demand issue is not

    • You're such a moron! The chart is screwed up!!

      Like someone actually sold a block of stock worth $880 million! Bahahaha!!

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