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  • MiniMinorBlue MiniMinorBlue May 10, 1999 1:47 PM Flag

    EBAY $300 target, quoted in BARRONS -

    Remember what Chaudhri said in a BARRONS
    over the weekend, yes, he said Ebay could trade

    Keep that in mind everyone. EBAY will trade at this
    HOLD and be REWARDED!

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    • play:

      E-Vision ( EVIS )is the parent
      company of:
      E-Broker and E-Banker

      here is a
      little info in detail put together on EVIS:
      If you
      take 5 Minutes, you will be very pleased you did.

      Here is a on line broker that reported recently, it is
      also a on line banker. The report showed very good
      numbers 98.7% increase in trading profits / 82% increase
      in customer transactions and revenues up 36.8%
      increase in last quarter and trading at 1.30 to 1.40
      range, with a float of only 3.4.


      EVIS - EbrokerUSA site

      EVIS - Ebanker site:

      In my opinion I think we can see $5-10
      soon, also company put out 1.5 million shares at $10.00
      - they must see some great value here.

      your DD, Jim

    • I must agree ebay is sweeping the world like a fire--i can't tell if it is a cleansing or a destructive one!

    • After reading some of today's posts, I realize
      that I'll just be talking to traders, but have any of
      you looked at some of the flaws that are appearing in
      Ebay's business model? Specifically, I have a friend who
      collects porcelain and other collectables who tells me she
      is beginning to see obvious forgeries being sold on
      Ebay. Items that previously have been very hard to find
      anywhere are all of the sudden showing up with regular
      frequency along with stories that the seller found them in
      their parents' attic after their mom or dad died. To a
      knowledgeable buyer, these forgeries are clear even if a
      picture is provided because there are inconsistencies in
      the design, size, etc. of the items. My friend is
      telling me that she has stopped buying on Ebay as has
      many of her collecting friends. Prices are coming down
      too since there's uncertainty about the authenticity
      of all items, real or fake. The word is getting out
      around her areas of interest, and I suspect her's is not
      the only area where fraudulent items are being
      produced for sale. My friend has sent several letters to
      Ebay detailing what's happening but has only received
      Ebay's form letter response saying that they value her
      input and will be looking into the situation, blah,
      blah, blah, yet after several weeks there's been no
      other response. Since Ebay has been notified of the
      problem, it is potentially liable for damages. Anyone else
      out there have friends who have had similar

    • worthless stock! it's really worth about $6 a
      share which equates to about a 25% discount to the ipo
      price. The underwriters who priced the stock then knew
      what the true value was or they wouldn't of priced it
      so low at the time.

    • Oh, I am shaking, and waiting, and planning how to spend my
      profit in shorting a worthless stock.

    • that will always work. Don't kid yourself! Day traders are like teenagers, they think they know everything. Good luck. I hope your life is full of happiness. Why do I think it's not?

    • squat on day traders!! we buy and sell any qty for $8 for the buy and $8 for the sell. Ebay is ripe for the goes up $20-30 then promptly falls the same amount.

    • these short-term traders are giving all their brokers vacations in the islands! Buy the stock and hold it! Morons!!

    • eeee

    • if you have any money left!
      You guys just don't get it, do you?

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