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    • I trade fulltime, and I concentrate only on the
      tech/net sector. I have researched five stocks that are
      both short term & long term plays. Net stocks have
      bottomed. Feds. raising interest rates by a .25% basis
      point will be viewed as positive by the
      street...history has proven this. There may be some more
      volutility until end of june, but prices will not get any
      lower than right now IMO. We look at many net stocks,
      but we have narrowed are list to the five best. How
      often does someone offer you FIVE STOCKS that have both
      short & long term potential. I am doing you a these five stocks and hold to the end of the
      year...don't think about it just do


    • For the rest of the week expect NET Stocks to
      trend lower in anticipation of CPI#'s. EBAY Should
      continue in a trading range of between 150 to 190. After
      the FOMC meeting EBAY will than rock............ JMHO

    • Imagine that, I didn't mention the

      Upside resistance is at $195. This is the first
      Fibonacci retracement level (a very common and
      statistically significant stopping ground when a stock pulls
      back from an extended rally. EBAY's bullish rally was
      initiated on 2/10/99 and ended when the 52-week high was
      reached. Fibonacci support and resistance levels are as

      Level 1: $195 (current resistance level)
      Level 2:
      $170 (current support level)
      Leval 3: $150 (next
      level of support)

    • a good book on technical analysis. Although
      today's rally may or may not be a signal of a turn around
      in the tech/INET sector, one thing has become
      infinitely clear - the price movement in EBAY today was very
      significant in comparison to the price movement in many other
      INET stocks. Although EBAY's percentage increase was
      comparable to many issues, there were some very striking
      characteristics of the movement itself. To clarify what I mean,
      it should be noted that EBAY broke out rather
      aggressively to the upside of a short-term downward trend line
      which has been in place since it reached its 52-week
      high of 234 on 4/27/99 (but not verified until
      6/1/99). Additionally, EBAY moved back above its 50-day
      SMA. Now that we have moved above the downward TL and
      are above the SMA, we will most likely find some
      support from both of these should there be additional
      downward pressure exerted from the broader market. BOTTOM
      LINE: Prior to today's action it looked likely that
      support at 150 would be tested in the next several days.
      It now looks like the bar has been raised to the 170
      support level and 150 will be much more difficult unless
      there is a substantial sell-off in the sector over the
      next 2-weeks. Support and resistance levels are the
      key here. Relative performance and direction in
      relation to the NASDAQ on a day-to-day basis is much less
      important. JMHO


    • Check out WITC ---> the next EGRP at $12

      WITC now offers deep discount online trading at Wit

      WITC is the
      next EGRP...Goldman Sach has a 19% stake in this
      company. Buy on bargain prices, WITC will head to $20 soon
      ---> Goldman Sach going discount brokerage competing
      with Merrill Lynch and Charles Schwab.

      wow....think about the possibiities. Of course, a big strong
      buy rec on WITC soon.

    • MAZING Annual Meeting
      by: flap_jack_mac
      10977 of 10985
      Great news - I have tons
      of new info for everyone:
      The meeting and video
      presentations were the best I have ever seen - please

      display this info where ever possible!
      ANALYSTS - 40
      analysts on June 8 and June 9
      - 30 more analysts at
      FRB lunch - June 9
      50million $ in revenue will be
      Double existing # of users by year end
      office is OPEN - Ireland - parter with Bank of
      $20 million in the bank to expand/advertise/brand
      Expanding to New York and the Midwest - hiring
      lots of new people
      "A TV Station waiting to
      happen" - watch out QVC & Home Shopping
      Broadband, video streaming, digital network, a gameshow

      Canada's leading ecomerce company - tons of awards

      Lots of stratecgic partners - AOL, AT&T, Rogers, IBM,
      MANY new strategic partners will be announced in
      the future
      TONS more deals "in the pipeline"

      Liscencing - AIME & Globalstore mentioned - go to news
      NEVER had any negative info/stories in the
      Europe - new platforms, new technology, proven
      technology, custom branding,
      Going MULTI-LINGUAL this
      summer on all the web-sites
      Cash flow positive in
      99 and PROFITABLE in 1999/2000
      SOON you will
      hear ; "powered by Bid.Com" - running the show
      - B2B, B2C, Liscencing, advertising, parterships =
      many flows
      IBM going into Dutch Auction - hint,
      Next Focus - Perishables = airline tickets, hotel
      rooms, sell off
      Moving into many more higher margin
      Next stop - AUSTRALIA & ASIA
      Bid.Com is the
      LEADER in untapped markets
      Lots of info that can't
      yet be announced for legal reasons
      Closed the
      meeting it was so packed - amazing video presentation

      Poster girl Kate was signing free poster - I got one

      I am out of room but watch out once the analysts
      see this stuff.

    • when dr koop goes live, supc should run big, check it out

    • A 15 pt day is nothing to sneeze at, and EBay did
      not show the kind of weakness it showed last week on
      the rise, but EBay is still tracking the Nasdaq as it
      has for the last 3 months. Unless it shows an ability
      to rise during down days (or, at least, limit
      losses) I think the long term down trend is going to
      hold. I am straddled right now with a bent towards the
      short side and limit orders to break-even on the long
      side. Using options. It should be an interesting week!

    • the balance is not represented by PE ratios its
      by stock price. So you go ahead and watch those PE's
      and we'll see who's portfolio grows the fastest. In
      at 65.00@ share before the 3-1 split and loving


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