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  • Long_on_the_Market Long_on_the_Market Jun 11, 1999 8:05 AM Flag

    Calling The SEC....

    Message #41122 is clearly an attempt to trick investors. Please put these people in jail where they belong. We don't need them on this board. Thank You.

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    • auction some really righteous buds. The investors who bid the shares of this company to these price levels must of been smoked something.

    • software that cause the f....up
      no amount of hardware backup would solve the problem...

    • I'm so sick of Ebay! I've had several items up
      over the last two weeks, and the outages have probably
      cost me a lot of bids. The fact that a multi-million
      dollar company DOES NOT have backup servers that are
      constantly replicating the data is beyond me. All of you who
      own Ebay stock, I hope that you see the volatility of
      this company. No backup servers to prevent outages...
      Where is all your money going? Certainly not into
      Ebay's technology. It's probably going right up the
      CEO's nose.

    • There will be a 24 hour freeze on all bids from
      the time the site is functioning again -- which
      should be around 4 PM EST Friday. Therefore, there will
      be no bidding until around 4 PM EST on Saturday.

    • will be stopped for 24 hours.

    • Bidding will be stopped for 24 hours -- All
      auctions will have 24 hours added to their "closing time"
      -- It makes no sence to stop the bidding. On a side
      note: Today i was hoping to get my Sandra Bullock
      autograph :<

      Tech God 2000

    • <All auctions were suspended during the
      shutdown. After service is restored, bidding will be
      stopped for a full 24 hours to ensure that nobody's
      bidding opportunities are lost, the company
      and from ebay's website:
      We're sorry, but the eBay
      system is temporarily unavailable.
      We extend our
      utmost apologies for this inconvenience, and we thank
      you for your patience.

      Please see The eBay
      Announcements Board for more information.
      Automatic Auction Extension Policy provides details about
      when eBay will automatically extend auctions following
      an unscheduled outage.
      and from Motley
      Fool ebay msg board:
      <Univ. of Penn registers to
      sell EBAY shares...

      and the stock is starting
      to slide again. The technical difficutlies are also
      playing a role in the down move today..down 8 to 174.5

      I think we'll see 165
      remember the cream rises to the top, and the heavy stuff
      falls to the bottom. reply to b shatner's question
      about do i have anything better to do than reply to my
      own posts? answer: No.

    • Ebay is facing a lot of competition. If the
      system keeps going down, teh customers will move go
      other sites. If you are looking to diversify the
      portfolio from ebay, I suggest that you look into Its portfolio has an astonishing 85.62% YTD
      return, almost 5 times better than DJ industrial average.
      For more information on Top Ten Stocks picks, go

    • EBay site fails, stock dips
      Online auctioneer
      says data won't be lost

      By Steve Gelsi, CBS
      Last Update: 10:05 AM ET Jun 11, 1999 NewsWatch

      SAN JOSE, Calif. (CBS.MW) -- No Furbys,
      Star Wars toys or vintage clothes could change hands
      on EBay Friday as the giant Internet auction site's
      system broke down.

      "We're sorry, but the EBay
      system is temporarily unavailable," the company said in
      one of many updates posted on the site since the
      latest problem began Thursday evening. "We are
      continuing with data recovery and the rebuild of the system

      Shares of EBay (EBAY: news, msgs) fell 2 3/16
      to 180 1/2 in early trades on Friday.

      engineers, who worked through the night to restore the
      server, and to its customers, said no data had been

      All auctions were suspended during the shutdown.
      After service is restored, bidding will be stopped for
      a full 24 hours to ensure that nobody's bidding
      opportunities are lost, the company said.

      PC Week Editor
      John Dodge told the AP that the company has had "daily
      failures every few weeks, but this one is the

      A call to company representatives by was not immediately returned.

      A customer
      service representative said the site was receiving e-mail
      inquiries from customers.

      EBay has about 3.8 million
      members, up from 2.1 million at the end of the last

      EBay posted first quarter profit of $5.9 million or 5
      cents per share on its increased volume.

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