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  • onefloortrader onefloortrader Jul 9, 1999 10:53 PM Flag

    EbayBeats the earnings it goes down

    Ebay miss's earnings it gets killed, you lose either way.

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      TRADERS, now is the time to jump into Rbid.This is one of
      the most UNDERVALUED internet stocks. Within 3 months
      Rbid will be a house hold name. You say Ebay already
      is. Exactly my point, why wait...get in now while it
      is still a bargain.Rbid has much to offer as the
      only umbrella Ecommerce stock. Check out their web
      site you won't be disappointed. They have a free
      auction that allows you to view items in 3-D and also
      retail shopping. Did I mention the $50Kcontest. Do your
      DD.Good Trading KT2

    • I love these online to open Aug.2

    • This stock is finally at it's real value. The
      future isn't quite as rosy with increased competition. A
      sound fundamental stock is TLTG...has a target of 38
      but three to four week range should hit 20 to 25.

      Currently holding TLTG ACPT IVIL CSCO LU

    • That was a good one.

      I agree with
      Logical's approach in general, by the way. But I discount
      estimates of each earnings for five years to the present.
      Does not give a good picture of eBay's fundamental

      Also, even p/e's of 40 are high, even for growth
      companies. We are going through p/e mania!

    • eBay reminds me of a child. Its everyone else's
      fault, never his own. If it were not Sun it would be
      someone else. How did eBay's management design and spec
      the system. The system just appeared out of no where
      and they were just using it till something better
      came along. Doesn't wash. How is eBay's management,
      managing the problems, other than blaming everyone

      Take responsibility, fix the problem, and let everyone
      know how, what and when you are going to do it.
      Demonstrate the problem is fixed, and then get along with

      I do not see other sites powered by whom ever going
      down all the time. AOL was cited, but they over
      expanded too quickly, with bargain basement pricing to get
      market share. The market came to their door and they
      were not ready. I guess that was not management's
      fault either. They were made to do it.


      At the time, eBay said the problem was caused by
      the failure of Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq:SUNW -
      news) software used to list items for sale and update

    • You try and tell them truth, but they just don't want to see.

      I love shorting flea-bag.

      Pig riding can be fun.

    • as OneFloorTrader on Yahoo message boards has got to be a paid stock basher working for dirty mms. Just my opinion.

    • Most all posters here won't give an honest answer
      on an OTCBB issue trading @ 1/15 what their beloved
      ebay trades at, especially when it's very obvious that
      REAL COMPETITION HAS ARRIVED!!! Take your dollar and
      put it in Rbid, this will no doubt yeild you 2-3 by
      weeks end, and much much more in the long run! Put your
      dollar here, and the site may crash,again, then play
      Russian Roulette with a stock that is trading at
      incredible multiples, and the competition coming only leaves
      multiples to correct themselves,IMHO!! Their price will
      reflect what they started with----PEZ DISPENSORS!!! For
      more info and links, visit the RagingBull thread of
      Rbid! Happy Investing!!! spex

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