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  • HereditaryPeer HereditaryPeer Jul 29, 1999 10:13 AM Flag

    Ebay DOWN for the count

    Come on shorts, you can do better than that. Dead
    Cat got your tongues again? Please drive this baby
    down to 95 so that I can move on. It can happen today.
    The trend line is below us at 95. It can happen at
    any moment. Please help me. I would like to invest my
    10 bags elsewhere but I would not feel right if I
    got out before 95.

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    • Are you out? Was that just you that caused that pop-up?

    • gambler_1st_investor_2nd gambler_1st_investor_2nd Jul 31, 1999 1:10 PM Flag


      Shares of UPCA were halted from
      trading by SEC till August 4th pending futher details on
      the HIV cure.

      Uniprime have now put the cured
      HIV patient testomonials on their Web page. Find
      their web page address by checking the Yahoo PR

      Click on Testomonials on the main page.

      will happen on August 4th?????????

      YOUR OWN DD!!!!!!!!!!!

    • little worthless internet stocks..havent made much money lately have you????

    • Look at UPCA for advise on buying a stock that touts medical breakthroughs. From $1-$7 and halted trading (pending SEC investigation)all within one week when touting AIDS breakthrough.

    • CHECK OUT INVERSTER'S BUSINESS DAILY NEWS, TARGET 30+, ,,,,,$$$$$....CVSN......$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • not on nasdaq. Let's see if it breaks resistance here.

    • Have at it! Enjoy!

    • I had no idea. Interesting

    • I have posted most of my items on eBay, but am
      now moving more of my auctions to Amazon, Yahoo, and
      Golds (Aparetly Golds was started by some eBay power
      sellers who got sick of eBays gluttony... looks exactly
      like eBay)

      For a lot of the items on eBay,
      there are only a few bidders. about 30% of the items I
      have bid on in the last month, I have been the only

      The point being, there is some equity in the markets
      in some areas, and while having a larger audience,
      does in most cases translate into more bidding, having
      too many items also spreads the market, or makes it
      so the market can't find your item...

      fess also have an effect... So what if I have a few
      less bidders... On most items, I can sell for 10% less
      and still come out ahead because of the savings on
      fees... In return I also get better customer support and
      the auction closes when it is supposed to.

      Take Beanie Babies, which Yahoo is fairly close to
      eBay on... If one of them sells for $30 on eBay and
      $25 on Yahoo... There is only a buck or two
      difference because of the fees...

      There will be more
      parity in the market, just because more and more people
      shop other sites for the bargins, and sellers are
      starting to move as well...

      Will I still post on
      eBay... yeah, but much more selectively.

    • Value is in, BS is out.. eBay is pure hype-shit
      worth $4 share.. The slumps are opportunities for you
      longs to average down, the runs are there for you to
      exit.. Average down.. Exit.. Average down.. Exit.. This
      is the only hope you idiots have of salvaging your
      foolish $$$ paid for this POS stock.. As time goes on,
      the price will be lower and lower until it's justly
      priced.. An alternate would be for you to remain short
      this shit..

      Get it or Lose it


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