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  • rocketlauncher381 rocketlauncher381 Aug 2, 1999 12:23 PM Flag

    the pussy is oozing...after its

    little dead pussy bounce..

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    • You sounded like a hopeless long, cheer up pal and let's hope you're wrong.

      Have a Heineken and a smile!!!

    • There is a major correction on the way in the net
      sector - we will test our previous lows. Just another
      opportunity to buy, however this stock will be hit hard
      again. The fall should be a different story as long as
      the y2k worries don't creep in to bad. 98 is the top
      of the range for a while

    • About your IDC, I hate AMEX and single digit stocks, they usually end up in OTC so fast.

    • Most net stocks are currently rise and fall on
      inflation related news and numbers. Let's talk about P/E,
      T/A, earnings, revenue after August 24th, shall we?
      Given the Fed will shut their mouth then; Otherwise,
      short EBAY when it hit $150's.


    • stockforfood, some arguments for you:

      current P/E = 800, P/E based on IBES expected earnings in
      2005 = 600! increasing debts, bankruptcy looming,
      insiders selling massively, more competition, low-class
      buyers like you.

      IDC P/E = 3, insiders buying
      massively, wireless patents and royalties from Nokia and
      Motorola, no competition, smart money buying

      Good luck, no hard feelings!

    • Personally, I'd like to see more shorts enter the
      arena...Why? Because every time they do they get squeezed

      The situation is very similiar to when the longs were
      fishing for a bottom on this stock. They kept buying in,
      only to see the stock price go down. They then sold,
      making the share price plunge even further. The reverse
      is now happening with the

      Unfortunately, though, those "in the know" are already loading
      up on this stock. (Perhaps a few large mutual funds,
      providing the "icebergs" of capital that keep the stock
      price buoyed). Bid prices outnumber ask prices at most
      times during the day, which was the exact opposite of
      what was happening when all the internets were
      tanking. Demand is outstripping supply, and will probably
      only get worse for the shorts. As the funds scoop up
      more shares, the shares available decreases, shooting
      the stock price up faster. Generally the funds will
      not sell until "news" comes out. For example,
      excellent earnings, or when they get the bugs worked out of
      the system to a tolerable degree, etc.

      I see
      ebay going through several stages. First, and
      foremost, is to fix the system. Once that is done, they can
      really grow. That is when you will see them adding more
      local auctions besides L.A.- Which means more cars &
      homes being auctioned via the internet - which means,
      you guessed it - the earnings we've all been waiting

      Once that area is nailed down, you may see more
      advertising banners on ebay. With ebay being as unreliable as
      it is, adding more banner advertising at this time
      would only complicate matters and cause the system to
      break down even more often. Besides, how can you tell a
      prospective advertiser that you will display their banner
      when the system is down so often?

      I'd like to see a merger of Yahoo and Ebay. Ebay can
      handle the auction side of things, whilst Yahoo could
      handle banner advertising for this, the stickiest site
      on earth, Ebay.

      Just a few more "logical

    • I agree that some folks have been taking
      advantage of the 10 day auction, and I have used it myself.
      However, I find it hard enough waiting a week, let alone
      10 days for the result of an auction. Therefore, I
      don't think there are quite as many people using it as
      you would think.

      Now what would make ebay
      really exciting would be if they allowed 1-day auctions.
      Now that would be cool. Imagine, an antique dealer
      needs money to pay the mall space rent. Solution - a
      1-day auction of some of his better merchandise. He
      gets his money within a week, life goes on, and the
      rent gets paid.

      Not only that, but there will
      be more bargain hunters visiting the site as a
      result of the 1-day auction (knowing that anything could
      come up for auction any day at any price), thereby
      making the site even stickier than it already

      Finally, this will eliminate the hemming and hawing ebay
      is doing over possibly having storefronts. Forget
      the storefronts when a 1 day auction does the

      Just a few "logical thoughts" of my own.

    • you are very optimistic buddy. What do you think will keep this stock from trending down below $10. Certainly not earnings.

    • Those who didn't read my last prediction on
      EBAY(post #58653), here it is
      1- Aug 9-13 ranging from $79 - $95 due to shorts
      still holding.
      2- Aug 16-20 ranging from $98 - $120
      due to shorts are getting nervous and sideliners
      start moving in as longs.
      3- Aug 23-27 ranging from
      $122 - $150's due to no matter what the FOMC meeting
      outcome, uncertainty is over.



      For the week Aug 9-13, my prediction range was $79 -
      $95, actual range was $78.25 - $98.625, so far so good
      (well, a touch off because I am a conservative

      Let see how my prediction will turn out for the next
      2 weeks.


      Anymore arguments?

    • feel like a stupid dumbass foolish piece of shit on Tuesday.

      That's all folks!!!

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