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  • HereditaryPeer HereditaryPeer Aug 3, 1999 9:29 AM Flag

    Please tank, pretty please

    with sugar on top.

    Now that I am out, this
    baby better tank in a major way. No more of this
    gradual decline as we slide down the outside of that
    trendline. I want to see a major pop below the trend line,
    never to recover. Why can we not seem to move below
    that trendline after 24 trading days? Inquiring minds
    want to know. I want to know. When is it *really*
    going to tank?

    Just kidding. I would like to
    see EBAY do well just like everyone else on this
    board (long or short). Come on, you know that this
    stock is the greatest thing since sliced bread and all
    we are seeing right now is a normal healthy
    correction triggered by a general uncertainty in the market
    due to rate concerns. EBAY and many other INET�s have
    simply gone up too fast, not too far. Everything is
    gonna be just fine. Time will tell. For right now,
    however, we can all find comfort in our old friend the
    75-80 support level.

    So when are you clowns
    gonna cover? I want to hear the calls for where the
    bottom is. You do know where that is, don�t you? ;-)

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    • Who cares what price you got in at? We just think
      you are PATHETIC. Go cry lawsuit somewhere else you
      country-fried rube. If you had an IQ greater than the current
      eBay stock price you would realize how ignorant that
      suggestion is.

      And try to post messages that don't
      rely so heavily on the word F*CK. It just exposes you
      for the trailer park tornado bait you really are.
      White trash like you has no business in something as
      complex as the stock market. Go knock up your sister

    • to free, even despite quality in most instances,
      it's that simple. example in kind- aol charges only 99
      cents per hour for games and has a quality sight with
      graphics and an overviewer, yahoo charges "free" with
      poorer graphics but you can do a lot more with a lot
      more people for "free". aol usually only has less than
      200 on line playing chess at any time, while yahoo
      has 2000 plus and a chess ladder system of 50000.
      freer attracts and larger attracts.

      yahoo and
      amzn have free auctions. ebay is bigger. as people
      like a bigger marketplace of ebays(selection,
      assortment, depth). in time there will be flow to the others
      for free, with added depth. yhoo started as a simple
      list(info gathering), and priceline yhoo amzn ebay whoever
      can generate huge lists creating a market(s), even as
      in stocktrading without commissions theoretically.

      the next step is to be more than a flea bag
      auction individual to individual but a worldwide market
      place attracting megaproducts at minimal cost from
      wholesalers and root producers(and as such undermining or
      underselling the middleman retailer), and being a medium of
      exchange for transactions at home. the market is huge but
      they (ebay amzn) are more and more undermining each
      other for the flea market type auction which is
      peanuts, rather than getting producers en masse to sell
      all concievable new products over their webs. they
      don't see the potentials untapped at all. partly monkey
      see monkey do mentallity, and undermining one
      another. and partly blinded by riches of cashing in on
      their own options today, rather than creating
      developing markets sufficiently to keep up the price of
      those options tomorrow.

      net sector has lots of
      growth before it, but soberly that's not earningless
      growth which can result in mega pe's and meltdowns as we
      see now. which is the crisis in confidence that these
      companies can/will deliver on the hyped hopes they created.
      it's easier to pumpNdump as some here said. if company
      leaders can produce the earnings their companies will
      grow, if they give us hype and deceit and delusion and
      are clueless as to how to really extract earnings out
      of their large followings without losing them and
      just extract capital from the stock markets, then they
      will fall to the guy who can do it, Yahoo or aol or
      nsol or whoever. meg stinks and thus her stock is
      downnnnn more(a penny earned stinks but pennies projected
      next year is even more despicable as the only place
      she is taking this co is downn). amzn is not doing
      any better in books(huge 100m losses each qrtr now).
      and yahoo is not doing much better in freebies and
      takeovers(not building a better mousetrap, but the trap of
      building a bigger behemoth). nsol has very good earnings
      for a net, but now govt wants to regulate and squeeze
      them. aol, has a huge customer base at 20 per month,
      and that's why they are a premie. the company that
      can capitalize on ecommerce in a larger scale and in
      a profitable manner will zoom, and then the others
      will learn and quickly be on their tail. for now they
      are cut down to size, because they cant deliver, at
      least until they give us some breakthroughs in these
      areas. earnings is the proof in the pudding and there
      just ain't much proof the past months and with
      threatened higher interest rates that pudding is getting
      awfully bitter and expensive.

    • The "panic" "bloodbath" and other juvenile rhetoric is uncalled for. If you believe Ebay is going up buy it, if down sell it. I believe it is going down and sold @ 102.

    • mangosalsawithlimemintandchilies mangosalsawithlimemintandchilies Aug 3, 1999 12:23 PM Flag

      once highly prized

      Bid 95, no 88, no 83

      Ask ?

    • ...of laughter, beefyboy6969.

      pathetic. I suggest you disclose to this board how
      you lost, assuming you were blind enough to be long
      Coming clean and confessing to your financial sins /
      lack of
      realism might actually trigger a
      soul-cleansing catharsis
      that might help you come to terms
      with your loss.
      Relax. It's just money, after

      My short position that was nearly US$20K in the red
      only a few
      days ago is now several hundred grand in
      the black. :-)
      Given EBAY's solid downtrend, I
      fully expect to ultimately make
      a seven-digit profit
      on my position over a quite short period
      of time,


    • How come Yhoo lists a PE of just under 10,000 but
      I've seen other sources list it at something like
      4,000? Also, people are saying that at $10 the PE would
      be 100. But, wouldn't it still be 1,000 if it has a
      PE of 10,000 at a price of 100? I'm all confused,
      but just thankful that I shorted 500 shares of this
      pos at 102.

    • daytrading buddies?? morons...

    • daytrading buddies?? morons.

    • $10 within 6 months...
      there are lots and lots of sells.
      panic has hit the street.
      lookout below

    • mangosalsawithlimemintandchilies mangosalsawithlimemintandchilies Aug 3, 1999 12:09 PM Flag

      if you made money?

      You people are capitalists when winning socialists when losing. Pathetic.

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