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  • onefloortrader onefloortrader Aug 5, 1999 12:33 AM Flag

    When I show up on your board its like

    death showed up. I started telling you to get out at 160, I'm still short.

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    • I have followed your posts and have generally
      agreed with them, but don't you think a bounce is in
      order? Everyone wants to short these stocks now. My
      feeling is that you will see a short squeeze tommorrow,
      its time to catch the lemmings going the wrong way
      again. I agree this company is a piece of sh-- but
      nothing goes straight up or down. I would appreciate your
      thoughts; I covered short position at the close and am long
      20 aug 80 calls for this bounce.

    • The core business of EBAY is to provide serious,
      real, and high quality auction services for our
      clients. Other free auction web sites are just begin to
      copy our style, but their stragety should not impact
      our business because they provide unrealistic phony
      services to their members. Sooner or later, their members
      will never return back to their web sites. EBAY
      provide quality services because EBAY is committed by the
      fee base system.

      Personally, EBAY should
      increase the fee and provide higher quality of services.
      At least, high fee can eliminate those 'traffic
      makers' to fool around other auction web

      I'm not CEO neighter insider! Personal opinion only!

      • 2 Replies to CEO_Insider
      • the dense type.

        EBAY is fairly valuated on
        an internet basis at 40.

        EBAY is valued like
        a traditional technology company, ie. CSCO per se,
        @ 15.

        EBAY is valued like an oil/resource
        stock (at prime) around 10-12.

        It is highly
        unlikely EBAY ever hit three digits again. Auctions are a
        fad. EBAY stock trades like a cult.

        charts say
        28 is coming.

      • An over-priced item that you don't particularly
        need when the economy looks as though it is headed
        lower? I think not! EBAY will be one of the first
        companies to suffer from a down or slowing economy.

        Besides having a P/E in the thousands (8.7K). When I saw
        the P/E and the prospects I laughed my self silly for
        awhile; then I loaded up on puts.

        Any ideas on how
        far down they will go? The charts show a trend line
        that is practically "diving" lower.

        Good Luck
        to All...


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