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  • mikado100 mikado100 Aug 5, 1999 2:10 PM Flag

    dmpstrdiver: so far it's a nice...

    ..short-story :)

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    • If you are interested in TA, I maintain this web site where you can find relevant info about some of my favorite stocks including dell

    • 122, 115, 107, and now at 83. This stock is worth
      at most at market cap of 2-3 billions which
      translates into a stock price of 10-20. It will reach lower
      highs. It may attempt to come back to 100-110 but it
      will be good time to short again. This trend would not
      stop until it reaches about 50. Then we will ride it
      up and short it again. Please save your money for
      later longs. It hasn't been nice to be long.

    • Crash a Market or sector of a market? Almost all
      short sellers were once buyers in the market or sector
      they follow, thus they are no longer buyers. Most have
      helped start the mkt. or sector down by liquidating
      their long position,and opening a short position. How
      can they help fight a downturn? By being Squezed into
      buying, but only to return again to short higher again.
      In realaty the short is the result of a weak mkt or
      stock not the cause of one.

    • HereditaryPeer, as usual I have greatly enjoyed
      reading your technical analysis here. You are a great
      asset to this conference, and a great highlight of my
      trading day. I would greatly miss you were you to stop
      watching this stock!

    • <EOM>

    • Regarding the rest, I'm not sure..

    • the doom and gloom. The shorts on this board
      aren't enough.

      We really need the WSJ, Barron's
      and the rest to get downright bearish on the sector.

      We need panic selling, not this orderly little sell
      off we've been having.

      We need more puts
      being bought than calls. We need the short interest
      ratio to go the moon.

      We need more idiots like
      Jim Cramer on to say the sector is

      We need the postings by longs to have completely
      dried up on the YHOO boards.

      We need some
      planned IPOs to get shelved.

      TO GO LONG!!!!!!

    • Armchair investors use breaks in support and
      resistance as decision points in there trading. These
      illusory points are tested and broken all the time. When
      the breaks occur it gives traders and investors a
      heads-up on the near-term direction that the stock is
      likely to move from that particular point. It really
      doesn't give anyone a bad name, IMHO.

    • talknig about support at this level and stong
      support at that level. Isn't obvious that support levels
      change and that negative markets condtions can
      COMPLETELY WIPE OUT SUPPORT LEVELS. People here talk about
      these illusory support levels as if they they were are
      chiseled into a stone tablet somewhere on top of a holy
      mountain. There is a reason all these arm chair investors
      are getting RAPED BLIND this last week by the MMs,
      because their support levels never, well, never supported
      the stock price as it tanked down the
      All these arm chair investors really give the
      internet as a whole
      a bad vibe and bring it down.
      Volatility discourages real investore with BIG MONEY to get
      Once again the greed of the few ruins the
      whole fuckin party for everyone else.

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