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  • jimd040558 jimd040558 Aug 9, 1999 4:30 PM Flag



    What do you predict for tomorrow? You were right on the money today.

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    • accused of looking at my charts upside down, I
      still need access to the day�s charts before making any
      call. I download my data in the evening. Truth be know,
      I don't like making short-period predictions.
      Actually, I don't really predict (yuk!). I just state where
      the support and resistance levels are (as I see it)
      and what a reasonable trading range would be between
      these limits. I'm a long-term investor, looking to get
      back in on EBAY for the long haul. Daily fluctuations
      are just in the noise. This story is not over yet by
      a LONG shot.

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      • I am no amateur here, and I too am a long term
        investor. Frankly, there is a lot of noise from the posts
        that are not good. It gives me the impression that
        there are a lot of people investing/shorting/buying
        options on a short term basis on margin that they cannot
        afford. Therefore, everything contrary to their view
        becomes a personal threat. Even if I disagree with
        someone, so what? It's not personal. I appreciate your
        intelligent posts; they give me food for thought. We should
        try to help one another on this board.

        everyone else: little boats (like us) should stay close to
        shore. If recent volatility is getting to you, then
        that's a hint that you're too involved. Don't take this
        personally, money is not as important is people. One of the
        first mistakes that beginning investors make is to not
        be well diversified. That means that money at
        extreme risk should be meaningless to us personally. You
        want to do well, but if you don't then it's OK too,
        because the rest of your portfolio will be doing fine on
        a long term basis.

        I help people manage
        their money for my living, and proper perspective is
        the key here to having fun, and is more conducive to
        actually being successful.

      • His name is Maynard. See, I work at Gateway. Lots of Luck to this company and its outage problem. EOM

      • Anyone have a take on the four quick press releases that just came out of Ebay? I'm new to this stock (just bought in today at $81 and intend to go LONG).

    • waiting for an earning shortfall to take EBAY, AMZN and IIX below the support levels... DISH and CMTN is a start today

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