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  • cnetmademerich cnetmademerich Aug 10, 1999 3:54 PM Flag

    Last rally was followed by outage idiot

    s Thats why the last rally faltered. Not this one after analyst meeting and heavy volume

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    • Found this on the AOL board today; for some
      reason not on Yahoo board. Looks like they paid 42
      million for 50,000 customers - a la

      Ebay Says It Paid About $42.8 Mln for Acquisition of

      San Jose, California, Aug. 10 (Bloomberg) --
      EBay Inc., the top online auctioneer, exchanged
      316,000 shares for AG, valuing the transaction
      at $42.8 million, according to a U.S. Securities and
      Exchange Commission filing.

      EBay said it acquired
      alando's stock on June 15, though it did not disclose the
      price, according to a recent 10-Q filing. Using the
      company's closing price of 135 1/2 on that day, the
      transaction is worth about $42.8 million. EBay declined to
      comment on the purchase price.

      San Jose,
      California-based eBay purchased alando, Germany's largest
      online-auction company, to broaden its presence overseas and add
      more collectibles and other goods to its sites. The
      company has been trying to offer more diverse product
      selection and services as rivals such as Inc.
      and Yahoo! Inc. offer auction sites.

      At the
      time of the purchase, added about 50,000
      customers to eBay's more than 3.8 million registered
      shoppers. started selling on the Web in
      March and offers more than 80,000 items for auction.

      Aug/10/1999 18:53

    • You wrote:

      "You and the rest of the
      shorts, are bunch of losers:"


      You get very emotional and call names for people.
      worst I've done was to ask for "fools to buy EBAY"
      that was half jokingly said. Relax please and learn
      be civil. OK?

      "Have you seen the post by
      the shorts:
      1) Site is down
      2) we'll see
      23-25/share by friday....
      3) PE of 9348

      EBAY is priced only by psychology and the war
      longs and shorts is naturally psychological. Shorts
      the math in their advantage however, because EBAY
      priced astronomically.

      "Just swallow your losses
      and admit your predictions suck real bad and that you
      won't make stupid predictions anynore...."

      long as I'm civil and open I believe that I would do
      prediction I can. Look at Mary Meeker, she says what she
      or what is beneficial to her (i.e. she could be paid
      to say
      these). The point in the stock market game
      is to sit and study,
      understand the facts and not
      take others words for granted.
      Believe me that some
      people LIE in Wall St. An investors duty
      is to
      analyze as best as one can and come to a
      Bottomline? I present what I believe or claim is true. If
      do not believe me come up with a counter argument
      and stop
      calling people "losers" because if there
      is any "loser" here
      that is you. This is not just
      about money but education and
      experience for me. I
      have a very small amount of money in



    • Why you are making fun of those shorting 100 -
      200 shares. I see nothing wrong with that. even if 50
      shares, it could turn a $1,000 a day with this kind of

      Get your ass out of this board or say
      something meaningful.

    • Ebay has about 1 million members today. If they
      can increase that to 100 million members or so in the
      next few years, then maybe today's evaluation would be
      justified. They still have a 4 digit PE ratio. And AOL could
      eaisly offer auctions as does Yahoo. The monoply is very
      artificial with these guys.

      10 bucks a share is
      possible if they were to stop growing anywhere near the
      current revenue base.

    • eBay support levesls at 94 and 104..... short at 104 recommended

    • Was shorting (using options) from 170s on down,
      muffed the bounce off of 70 on the 5th (can't win'm
      all!), but then moved into a straddle and have made it
      back and more. Hope EBay continues to bounce around,
      will keep the straddle, but think it is going to crash
      again sometime in the next month or two. This time for

      Love and Kisses! -Matt

    • its aution site. You can take the action.

    • thats what caused it...if you don't know by know Beavis...I aint gonna tell ya

    • Congrats to longs. You guys won today.
      I lost
      ca$h by shorting EBAY today.
      If I was convinced
      EBAY was headed higher
      then I would definitely join
      you longs.

      I don't think that will happen
      Today was Mary Meeker and the "car auction"
      pop that
      caused EBAY to soar. This will

      Eventually, I may go long on some of

      Tomorrow, I will short EBAY once again.
      The specter of
      Greenie raising rates,
      excessive valuation, and
      downward momentum
      will drive EBAY lower.

      luck to all!


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