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  • gambetta22 gambetta22 Aug 20, 1999 2:38 PM Flag

    Can somebody explain to me

    why EBAY enjoys such a rich valuation? I want to short but don't understand why the price is going higher, especially in light of the fact of Tuesday's rate hike.

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    • 1. You persist in your superficial argumentation.
      Obviously, at this time, you are not interested in learning
      the Truth of God from the Bible. I will pray for you,
      but will not reply to your messages any more, sorry.
      Otherwise, it will lead to a neverending exchange. "Seek and
      you shall find". No one can do it for you.

      EBAY will dramatically fall before the end of the
      year. When? Monday? in two weeks? It will be sudden and
      financially painful for many. In my opinion, anyone who buys
      EBAY now is taking gambling risks.

    • Your attempts to discredit the Bible and a
      person's faith in it come off as mean spirited and very

      Where did the Bible say that the world was flat or that
      the earth was the center of the universe? No where,
      except in your imagination as you will tell whatever
      lies you can to support your position.

      Fact is,
      a life lived according the biblical principles is
      certainly a moral one, and one that would, for example,
      eliminate teenaged pregnancy, the spread of aids through
      sex, the murders of millions of people a year, etc.

      Just because you cannot open your eyes and heart to
      what the Bible says does not give you a reason to slam
      it with mistruths.

      And I guess you would
      prefer to believe that the earth just happened by
      chance, that life began at the bottom of the sea. Is
      there a more damaging view that life happened by chance
      and that we are nothing more than a progression in
      some theory that eliminates God from the scene? What
      does that say about your worth in the universe to
      think that you're just a freak occurance? I'd rather
      believe that an almighty God created order out of
      disorder and made human beings in His image, thank you
      very much.

      Now, what does all of this have to
      do with Ebay?

    • HTFDPHIL says Yankees are buying GMAI. This guy is usually alsways right. Don't say I never kept you informed. Watch the stock.

    • Looks like Amcitco Partners is starting to lighten up on its 10% stake in Ebay.

    • Where is "true Christianity" practiced??

      Where there was no minister, and people took turns
      leading the group. Where do they avoid

      Anywhere today?? NOPE, NO

      Originally xtians met outside, NOT in a CHURCH! So quit
      going to a church building BIBLE_99 if you are a "true
      Christian". Also, keep off the internet, it is too real for
      xtians...after all >>

      "Whoever wishes to become a
      friend of the world becomes an enemy of God" -JAMES

      Oh, yeah, and how did Kangaroos get into Noah's Ark??
      And back to Austrailia??

    • Your message is unpleasant. But still, Bless you!

      When EBAY hits $8 I wish you to be financially and mentally prepared.

    • Do not equate the actions of people to the
      essence of true Christianity. Dark and even horrible
      things have been done in the name of God by people who
      did not know God (John 16:2,3).

      And, please,
      understand that I am not here to argue. Yes, I am lucky to
      be able to read the Bible, and so are you. So I am
      not going to shove salvation down somebody else's
      throat. It is everybody's free choice.

      Bless you

    • You're just lucky you can read the bible. When it
      was first translated to English in King Henry the
      8th's time, those guys were burned at the stake, for
      translating from Latin to English.

      Here are some
      interesting parts no longer found in "your bible".
      The earth is a flat disk
      > Slavery is okay,
      and people should accept it who are slaves.
      The Earth is the center of the universe, and the sun
      revolves around the Earth.
      > All the planets and
      the moon are smooth spheres, surrounded by clear
      crystalline globes. Because Galileo proved that was wrong,
      with mountains on the Moon, and moons around Jupiter,
      the Vatican went after him.
      > No doubt,
      Readthebible, someone is reading this to you. After all if your
      eye causes you to sin, it should be ripped out of
      your body (MATTHEW 5:29-30).

      If you think ONE
      TRILLION NEURONS and their connections are being
      transferred from your brain somewhere else when you die, you
      are a supreme egomaniac....

    • <EOM>

    • Jesus?




      Cindyyyyyyy + readthebible_99 = Romeo &


      Both die with margin


      Cindyyyyyyy + readthebible_99 + shorts =


      ME = Actor from an old chinese martial art




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