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  • This is does it look long tho?

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    • No pump and dumps; just results.


    • I am a professional programmer, been one for the
      last 22 years,
      so yeah, I can do websites, did the
      one you saw, and wrote the
      program that the Web
      site is for. has
      become a full time job now.
      Playing the market is
      just a hobby.

    • Quite a letter from Pierre, and than it was
      gone..... I believe management should have asked sellers
      and buyers for their feedback first before making a
      decission and meet common grounds,
      to benefit all

      I complement eBay's management when they
      do their things right and than I get on their case
      when they think they've become invincible.

      Anyway Mike Med.... enough of that serious stuff, to
      more interesting things now: Do you create websites,
      did you make your own????
      Someday you may receive
      my email and you'll never know
      it is bullwinbull.

    • -------------- start part 2

      Having said that, this change in format was simply our
      idea. We think it will work, but it may not.
      We would like
      everyone to give it a try.
      Remember, it's a level playing
      field. So if you choose
      to use a reserve price auction, you
      will have
      this restriction along with everyone else who uses

      reserve price auctions. If this turns out to be a total

      disaster, we'll reconsider it. Give us time to see if this

      is working -- we think it will result in a higher
      rate for reserve auctions, and higher selling
      If it doesn't, we'll revisit this. Remember,
      it's in our
      best interest to make you successful,
      because we make more
      money that way. If we do
      something to hurt your success,
      obviously we will
      correct that.

      On the second point: because of the
      confusion and frustration
      around reserve price
      auctions, we receive a higher proportion
      of customer
      support and Safe Harbor e-mail relating to them.

      These cost us more to handle, of course. And since
      auctions have lower success rates, we collect
      fewer final value
      fees on them than a typical
      auction. That's why we decided on
      a $1.00 additional
      fee for using this feature. While nobody
      new fees, we hope this will discourage unnecessary
      of the feature, which will give buyers more
      no-reserve auctions
      to choose from. And for sellers who
      still need to use the
      format, the additional cost
      will help support our additional

      And finally, it's only a dollar -- hopefully, you'll
      get an
      extra dollar for your item if you use the
      reserve auction format.
      If not, don't use the format.
      In order for the eBay community
      to continue to
      thrive, it must evolve as it grows, even though

      sometimes change can be unsettling.

      Again, these
      new policies were made with the best interests of

      the community in mind. You have raised some valid
      and we hope you will give our idea a chance.
      We are truly
      trying to make things better.
      Reserve price auctions are
      optional -- you can decide
      whether or not they are working
      for you, and then
      decide if they are the right choice for you.

      want to thank you for all the constructive suggestions
      have come out of this, and I'm sure that
      together we will
      continue to make eBay a better and
      better place to trade.

      -------------- end quote ----------------------

    • posted on Saturday (I think) on EBay's
      Announcements, then
      yanked it when the howl of rage at the
      condescending attitude
      (it's only a dollar) was heard from
      the EBay boards. It should
      have been titled "Let
      them eat cake". The message will be
      in two parts
      since Yahoo does not allow looooong

      ---------------- begin quote -----------------------
      Dear eBay
      Community, I am writing to respond to the
      concerns many
      of you have raised in reaction to our
      change in
      reserve auction policies and pricing. I
      have answered
      many of you via private e-mail, but
      I thought it
      would make more sense to make a single
      here that everyone could read.

      First, let me
      reiterate the fact that this decision
      was made with the
      best interests of the community in
      mind. As I've
      said before, our success is based on
      your success,
      so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense
      for us
      to do something that would intentionally
      your success. eBay has always tried to do its
      to support its buyers. Buyers don't pay us a

      single dime, but they do pay our sellers. And we think

      it's important to do our best to provide the best

      possible service for buyers. Most sellers realize this,

      but I just wanted to restate the obvious. Reserve
      auctions had two fundamental problems, from
      our point of
      view: one, buyers don't like them;
      and two, they cost
      more for us to support.

      Let me explain both points. Buyers have always told
      that they dislike reserve price auctions.
      This is primarily
      because they don't know how high
      the reserve might be,
      so they don't know if it's
      worth their while to bid on
      the item. Nothing is
      more frustrating than becoming
      involved in an
      auction but having it close below the
      reserve. You've
      wasted precious time, and nothing has
      come of it.
      There were many possible ways to deal with
      issue, including revealing the reserve at the end
      the auction. We didn't like that idea because the

      prospective bidder still doesn't know if they're wasting

      their time. But what a traditional auctioneer typically
      is start the bidding in an auction at 1/4 to
      1/2 of the
      reserve. That way, prospective bidders
      have a way of
      estimating what the item may
      eventually sell for, without
      knowing the precise reserve
      of the seller. So that's how
      we decided to do it
      at eBay, as well. You can set your
      minimum bid
      at any reasonable price. "Reasonable" is defined

      to be at least 1/4 of the reserve. Why waste time
      a $5.00 bid for a $5000.00 item? In my mind,
      it doesn't
      make sense. Anyone bidding $5.00 for
      a $5000.00 item doesn't
      really expect to get
      it, and the excitement generated by
      bidding low
      fizzles out by the time the bidding approaches
      market value, and people begin to get serious.

      -------------- end part 1 ---------------------

    • At least now we know why Ebay is so screwed up
      lately! They have been listening to people like you!
      ROFL! Maybe they should take all their stock back from
      people like you and go back to doing business like they
      used to.

    • If you knew what your were talking about-Which
      you do not. most sellers hate to even use reserves-
      In fact- we make more money without them--- but- in
      times when e-bay goes down- it saves us from losing our
      money on items we have alot invested in.

    • pay cut you deserve a demotion. yhoo has
      "100,000's of items" while EBAY has 1.5 million, where do
      you think im going to spend my time shopping. you
      upset sellers have the business sense of a

    • Cramer does not understand ebay, he listens to
      some analyst who covers old-line retail. He called it
      a weak stock at $75. People who were believers
      should have been buying all they could. the damn thing
      has almost doubled from it's low of $71 I don't no of
      any similar type of move in a stock of similar market
      cap anytime recently. YHOO had a similar issue
      regarding pissed off users, if you don't like it sell it
      somewhere else, and good luck selling to 1/5 the audience,
      im sure you'll be getting a ton of bids, NOT. EBAY
      has pricing power and their using it. You complaining
      sellers make me sick. People are &()(*^&% ungrateful. I
      hope you guys fall down a hole

    • You are a smart Man-- I commend you for your
      comment.I have been selling on e-bay since the beginning-
      Way before it went public-Way before most
      stockholders and stockbrokers even knew what e-bay was. Alot -
      Alot of us are leaving-- Oh and by the way- tell that
      idiot to stop calling us Fleas- I have been Buying and
      selling Antiques for over 17 yrs. We are not FLeas. We
      are Buisness. BIG Buisness.

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