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  • chekmark chekmark Aug 25, 1999 9:22 AM Flag

    Barons article!!!!!!!!!!!

    I heard that Barons is going to espout some very positive comments in its ebay article and that it is the one company that has the greatest chance to surpass MSFT's market cap.

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    • Gee, you are just now learning stock trading 101.
      You must be just out of college. With experience you
      will learn and perhaps take Stock Trading 554.

      Not only did I hold ebay from 137, I also wrote
      covered calls along the way, cashing in as I went. The
      stock is down 15 points from where i bought yet I am
      ahead! Did they teach that to you in college??? Not. I
      also own long term calls on ebay at 100 which have
      quadrupled in value since I bought. I also owned ebay in
      February at 90 pre-split and sold at 165 pre-split.
      Obviously I could have done better if I held the whole

      Here is your Stock Trading 102 lesson for
      you son. Limit your risk on stocks. Shorting a growth
      stock is the most risky investment anyone can make. And
      you will lose.

      Now, here's the beef. EBAY has
      had numerous outages, bad press, disgruntled sellers,
      insider selling, the works. Yet, they continue to grow
      their auctions at an incredible rate. Everyone knows
      ebay is the only game in town. They are the most
      unique business model anywhere. They provide business
      opportunities at a very low cost for people who would otherwise
      be out of work or making very little. They have
      cornered the market. Yahoo, amazon, and other auction
      sites are a joke, and everyone that has used them all
      know that ebay wins hands down. They will expand into
      other businesses such as retail items sold directly
      from manufacturers. They will sell books directly from
      publishers to eliminate inventory costs. They will be the
      ultimate middle man for eCommerce. Their auctions are just
      the beginning.

    • Rule No. 1 for stock trading or invesment
      Cut your loss short,usually 7 or 8%.
      Can't image
      you hold the 137 and let it drop to 70 and did not do
      anything(almost 50% loss). How much pain did you had during 137
      to 70? You never learn in the 15 years long
      Now the stock market & ebay is either trying to
      consolidate then go higer or lower. Nobody knows. This is a
      millions dollar question.
      I will limit my risk to only
      a few bucks. The worst scenario I will cover around
      mid 130. That's fine to me. But the best scenario for
      me is to cover around 70. That's much better
      Two weeks ago, ebay is on the uptrend. I did long
      ebay and made some money. Now ebay is losing steam and
      the market will soon lose steam too (double top with
      lower high for Nasdaq). It's good to short troubled
      stock like ebay. The risk award ratio is
      Compare to 3 weeks ago,what fundamental did ebay improve?
      It's the same or worse. Their customers relationship
      go some hit because of the reserve price issues.
      Also more competition. Hire a few guys and buy some
      equipment won't guarantee outage free. Did Meg promised
      before the 2nd long outage. What did she said? Sounds to
      me the management has some trouble taking care their
      business either inside or outside. Isn't business suppose
      to take this issues as most basic practice. You will
      see EPS getting lower within one year(deceleration).
      That's why most analysts cut their estimate for ebay
      recently. After one year, other aution sites will grow
      bigger and take ebay's business(not 100%,maybe 70%). For
      now, I don't see any fundamental change in the near
      future to let it go back to 200. Show me the beef!

    • must be in too much pain to speak.

    • should have have noticed your sense of humor.. after all you are long this piece of paper!! :-)

    • 10, just kidding.

    • I checked out the links and you're right, you
      sell it on yhoo, however, your listing on yhoo
      the advantage because you had a picture
      where on
      ebay you didn't. generally, items with
      sell more

    • 70% of the auction market, and is the dominant player at what it does. I was Joking...but I guess you don't have a sense of humor.. Im sorry.

    • <EOM>

    • Take your little squable somewhere else. You both sound like 8 year olds.

    • Here are the
      This is my successful auction at
      This is my unsuccessful one at eBay. This is the last
      time I attempted to sell on eBay. then I switched.

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