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  • dbceoret dbceoret Aug 31, 1999 1:04 PM Flag


    The reason for the drop is that the
    boycott/slowdown by ebay
    sellers is finally starting to take
    hold. The news media is
    being notified and the
    message boards have been humming. Ebay
    has been hurt
    by their outages and this is just another nail
    their coffin and a win/win situation for their up and
    competitors who are learning from ebay's ignorance.

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    • Next Tuesday (9/14), Nasdaq's Customtracks Corp.
      will be changing its name.
      As you all know, often
      an internet stock will double when it changes its
      name. The most price action is seen between 5 days
      before and 15 days after the change.
      The symbol is

    • No one will be able to compete with eBay for a
      loooooong time. I actively buy/sell on eBay and find these
      outages only mildly annoying. I have checked out all the
      other auctions sites and they all stink compared to
      eBay. Nobody can come even remotely close to the volume
      of items, and ease of use. Ebay also has a very
      loyal following; for the most part. If you question
      that, check the message boards. Ebay is not perfect,
      but it is BY FAR the best auction site out there. By
      the way, I am not a stock holder, just a very
      satisfied eBay user. Good luck eBay longs. Bite me eBay

    • HaHah! This shall never happen. The Sellers will never leave Ebay. But more sellers, until virtually everyone on Earth, shall arrive and be selling on Ebay. Amen.

    • looking to short your Amazon split rally. Split this.

    • NOT stockforme

    • I was thinking along the same lines when I hit
      upon your message. Probably what you might wanna add
      is that when there are not many new buyers left and
      the market begins to go down, the first people to get
      out are the first 15-20 people who got in (who are
      institutional investors, underwriters and insiders) most of the
      time. Talk about a pyramid scheme...

    • There has never really been alot of institutions
      in this stock. E-Bay did 4 mil shares today with
      only 85k being institutions. Compare that to PFE which
      did 5.4 mil and 1.7 mil was institutions.Institutions
      don't want to pay $120.00 to earn one penny. For that
      they'll pay maybe $15.00 to $20.00. They could buy TECD
      for $36.00 to earn $2.54.

    • All I can think of is that the shorts figure that
      the news to come out tomorrow and Friday will drive
      the price lower, so why cover, and that the longs
      figure that because the NAPM report didn't hurt, neither
      can the news yet to come out this week, so there's no
      sense in selling at a loss.

      I have to agree with
      stcg_marketcrash99 that there's not nearly enough pain out there

    • Thet high flyers are finaly starting to get trimmed. Notice Jnpr, down 25 who's next.

    • I wish they would put a lie detection meter at
      the bottom of the CNBC screen because the majority of
      analyst outright lie for gain OR they're throwing darts
      for their stock picks. The same goes for this message
      board. I'm using stochastical charting, technical
      analyst and classical analyst...and it ALL shows EBAY is
      setting up for a major downturn. This kind of b.s.
      message is why I started studying trading. There are so
      many talking heads out there you can't believe any of
      them (unless you can separate out the fools any greedy
      liars). The herd is ready to panic right now and Fridays'
      report may do it. This is no time to be long in
      anything, especially a bloated stock like EBAY.

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