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  • y2kwillblowyourass y2kwillblowyourass Sep 7, 1999 7:27 PM Flag

    market cap of ebay >market cap of sea

    did you guys know that the market cap of ebay is
    now $15 billion compared to the market cap of sears
    of $12 billion. doesn't that strike you, as a sign
    of pure irrational exuberance? it means that ebay, a
    company gone public a year ago with a couple of hundreds
    of nerds working for them could buy a company like
    sears and its 60,000 employees, its supermarkets and
    inventories! markets will correct sharply this week and punish
    irrationality and exuberance.

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    • your 135 entry point seems to be valid. I'm
      seeing some solid support above $130 unless some bad
      news come around. But by then, it's not a correction
      of Ebay only but the whole net sector. That may be a
      bit riskier but if it's still on the uptrend, it
      should bounce off and shake the dust quite

      I'm ready to load too and the date is getting closer.
      Hope Mr. Gspan doesn't rock the boat tomorrow.

    • Gold.

      Don't be fooled, gold has also
      excellent profits in the interim swings since

      the 1980 spike peak.

      The old standby -buy low
      and sell high- still
      stands. Presently gold is at
      its lowest point
      since 1980.

      Wall Street sees little use for this
      reputed 'to
      be' small market, low commission
      profits are
      generated and their minions on the
      Comex play with
      paper gold contracts, not
      the real thing. We have
      the tail wagging the
      dog, while world gold demand
      is at all time
      highs, but mines are still
      closing because the
      price is too low.

      by-word is: best keep gold down so that the
      Chairman will not get nervous.

      Gold and gold shares
      asset values being small
      in relation to the equity
      and bond market offer
      excellent risk reward from
      their present lows,
      even if a small portion of
      stockmarket profits
      move toward them.

      inclined to look into gold, a reasonable and
      non ivory
      towerish and non gung-ho bullcrap site
      where one can
      get a grounding is

    • ebay, it is going to sink like never before once
      the short squeeze from the previous blood bath is
      over, it has to go below 70 it does not belong where it
      is it will find its level soon, it has to ebay is
      the dog of all internet stocks, aol is haveing
      trouble and it is a much much better stock then
      e---(sorry dont like to swear) it has now become a swear
      word, when some one says the name of this stock it is a
      bad word to me it is now a swear word that dirty four
      letter word.

    • Will only go long after we close at or above 135. I know, it is a broken record. But that's the way it is. I do think this is a safe area to go long. I'm just a very cautious type.

    • shares if you did?

    • now that we are up in this range. This is why I
      picked this level, way back when if you remember. I just
      never imagined we would be back here so soon. Either
      did many a poor unsuspecting short, you can bet. I
      said this would be a good buy in point to go long when
      we were trading at 70. People thought I was crazy.
      Still do. Some things never change. Is anyone else
      starting to see what is going on here? Never mind. That�s
      a rhetorical question.

    • it could be a big mistake, I just have to live with it. Anyway, it's only a paper game(gain), right? HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    • Please do not let my posts influence your
      thinking or anyone who has short positions on EBAY. This
      may be a big mistake for me though. My portfolio is
      too concentrate on the short side and it's way
      unbalanced during the past month since I predicted a
      potential down turn for the Street. It's about time to
      balance it out. Also, FYI , I still have Sep. & Oct.
      puts. So, please do not let my decision influence you,
      like I said, it might be a big mistake for me. Thanks.

    • I would not go long unless we close at or above 135 first. HeHe

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