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  • firstbonehead firstbonehead Sep 9, 1999 6:39 PM Flag

    DOWN, my link did not work

    however when you click the "MY EBAY" at the top
    of the home page it brings you to an area where you
    enter your user name and password. Once entered the
    ebay warning note shows up saying this section and
    possibly others are temporarily down, a fact. Not long or
    short, just a bidder/seller and pissed off.

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    • i thought i was so smart shorting 100 shares of
      ebay at 78. Now i have covered at 144. You do the math
      i am too weak. Now i am long
      100 shares at
      143.00. If i can't win short i will go long. I thought
      the outages of the site, amzn and yhoo with auction
      sites would do this company in. But, they were the
      first, first, first.

    • without a trailing stop and a lot of vigilance.
      Needing to do that takes the fun out of investing for me.
      Like you, I'd rather own CSCO, MSFT, SUNW, DELL, and
      companies like that, or even a good tech mutual fund. I'm
      almost all in cash right now, the exception being some
      DOW 110 Oct puts. I just don't like the current
      levels of the market.

      There's a game in the
      casinos called the "Big Six" wheel. One puts down a
      dollar or however much one cares to bet (usually a $10
      maximum per spin) on a particular denomination bill or
      symbol. If you win, you are paid out at various odds
      ranging even money to 35:1. It is also the game in which
      the house has the greatest advantage, around 17%,
      compared with the house advantage against a player who
      plays consistent, correct basic strategy, which is
      1-2%. For the MMs, EBAY is the Big Six wheel of the

      I would rather buy puts than short a
      stock "naked", as I think the saying is. Were I to
      short EBAY, I would buy some near-the-money calls to
      limit my downside risk. It might cost me a few dollars
      a share, but it's better than having my head handed
      to me as the shorts have over the last six weeks or

      Have a good weekend.


    • the symbol is stin it was up 100% thursday and
      friday it was up 160 precent that is great right but
      here is the good news!!! Monday it going to be in the
      wall street jurnal and i belive it will go to 3 bucks
      so if ya have a chance check it out! What they are
      going to do is make the number one trash dump system
      where its going to burn like tires and medical eqp and
      stuff that is really hard to get rid of! i got a great
      inside source and i belive in this one and its going to
      be bought out by ibm i belive when the news gets out
      because its ran buy all the ibm mecanical workers this is
      going to go monday watch it and be mad

    • insiders must file SEC form 144 before they can
      sell restricted shares of the company they are
      associated with. Once the shares are finally sold, they must
      then file a form 4 which indicates the shares were
      indeed sold. There have been a ton of form 144 filings,
      but virtually no form 4 filings which indicates to me
      that these shares have not been sold yet. when the
      shares are actually sold, the float will start to grow
      as the insiders positions decrease and the outsiders
      positions increase. Most insiders must wait 1 year from the
      IPO date before they can legally sell their shares.
      The one year time frame is rapidly approaching. Will
      these insiders sales have an impact on the share price?

    • I had a limit to short @ 159, but luckily the bid
      never got that high:-).

      I will try again in the
      160s. It's like a running battle. You wait for the
      stock to spike, short, cover, and wait again :-). I've
      been lucky with my EBAY shorts so far. Newbie luck I

      For sure, the best time to short must be the day of
      the earnings? The run-up would have finished, and the
      flush is about to begin. Comments?

    • I took my lumps and covered friday afternnoon
      with 5 minutes left before the close at $158 1/8 (very
      close to the high of the day). It was a sickening
      experience to lose so much so fast. everytime I throw in the
      towel and cover my short, the very second i do so the
      stock immeadiatly starts to plumment. My timing is
      pittiful. knowing my luck, the damn stock will crash
      monday, after my short position is already closed.

    • I'll agree with you 100%. The only thing that I
      still can not completely overcome, is my dignity, or
      principal, or ego, or stupidity, whatever you call it. I
      consider myself is one of the "smart" players, and yet
      there are certain personal rules I just cann't break
      it. For example, when I closed my short account early
      this week, I could have gone long and made some
      profits, yet, I just couldn't allow myself to become a
      gambler by entering a long position with such an extremly
      high-risk stock in my portfolio with such a rediculous
      price, not even one share. Instead, I have chosen rather
      than waiting on the side line to watch the show. You
      are right; this is NOT a rational stock, as the
      matter of fact, it is a gambler's stock, it's one of
      top-of-the-line gambling stock, which by the way, they called
      "momentum stock". My portfolio contains majority of the
      blue chips stock with some high-tech related stocks
      such as CSCO, SUNW, a long position, but not
      junky stock such as EBAY. I'd rather preserve my
      capital for now and wait for another entry point to open
      my short position. To summarize my stupidity, let me
      give you an example which you brought it up not too
      long ago: Baclkjack. If I am a speculator and am
      allowed to bet on the game, I would bet on the dealer's
      side rather then the player's side. For EBAY, in
      today's rediculous stock price with skyhigh pe ratio, as
      a speculator, I'll bet on the short side. Let me
      make one thing clear here though, when I am only
      willing to bet on the casion dealer's side/EBAY's short
      side, it does not mean that Gamblers don't make money
      in the casio nor going long with EBAY sometime. I am
      not the game manipulator but am simply a speculator;
      I am simply betting that eventually, gamblers and
      innocent investors will lose their life saving money in
      the long run if you keep playing Blackjack or you are
      long on these gambler's stocks.
      Finally, I am glad
      to learn that you have generated certain profits by
      using your IRA account to play with NETS. My advice is
      NOT to do it again. This time 10%, you won, next
      time, how about 20%? Gee, win agan, so how about 50%
      next time........ Just like playing games in the
      casio. My personal feeling is that IRA should be treated
      in a very safe kinda manner.IMHO.
      Oh, before I
      go, I must confess that when I see those pigs
      starting their hypes by issuing a " strong buy" rating,
      most fools jump right in, I just couldn't stop
      laughing. I always intend to look things from both sides,
      does it also mean " strong sell" from their
      perspective? Hahaha.
      Wish you and EBAY s&l have a great
      weekend, I know I will.

    • We didn't get our usual Elliott Wave update from
      STCG tonight, but last night's contained some good
      advice. Don't fight a clear pattern that contradicts your
      preferred viewpoint. Right now, the market is running with

      I believe that you told me not to talk about
      economics at a garage sale. This is not a rational stock.
      The only way to play it, short or long, is to have a
      really strong stomach. Logic tells me that this stock
      needs to be shorted, but not just yet. I'm tempted to
      look at HP's TA as a guide for when to short as well
      as when to buy.

      This will please the
      Reverend. One of my dark secrets is that I was an EBAY long
      for a while, from 90 to about 115, for all of thirty
      shares in my IRA. I took 10% of my IRA and divided it up
      among EBAY, AOL, and YHOO. I should have hung in

      The market is always there. Buy or sell on your
      terms, with as little emotion or ego as possible.


    • their weekend. Wish you all longs can sleep well these three nights. Good Night and see you guys next Monday. BTW, we will be watching how MM manipulates your parper gains next week.

    • another night of maintenance. Could spell trouble.

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