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  • bbt1001 bbt1001 Sep 13, 1999 8:51 AM Flag

    Sell-off in premarket. It's just the

    beginning. This will be very ugly. You have to
    remember that EBAY just doubled in less than a month. So
    with these kind of market conditions, you should know
    what to expect.

    This one will be very fast. It
    will be one to remember and a good lesson for the

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    • Price has corresponded very closelly with auction counts, and counts are significantly down.

      • 3 Replies to ntc31974
      • With everyone calling for a market crash, it's
        obvious we will not have a market crash. Such crashes
        usually occur when everyone is bullish and fully
        invested. Not yet the case here.

        You may notice that
        the ask price for ebay is 154 3/8, but the bid is 157
        3/4. We will open up somewhere in between. Very likely
        that by the end of the day ebay will be up for the

        As for the insider sales, by no means would I
        consider these sales significant. We'll see who sells by
        the end of September though.

        Fact is, the more
        you people try to short the stock, the higher it
        goes. Why? Because it's the funds with the big bucks
        that are squeezing you. Not the little guy anymore.
        You are wasting your breath posting on these boards.
        Fund managers don't read Yahoo's message boards for
        their investment ideas.

        In closing I would say -
        shorts, find a lousier stock to short. One with a huge
        amount of debt, for example. That always helps. The more
        you short this one, the more you will get

      • going to be ugly, wait and see how horrific
        tomorrow will be, as we get closer to CPI. Then, come the
        big oneS and that when reality will hit like a
        lightning. VERY VERY ROUGH WEEK. And th eones to follow
        aren't any frienlier.

        CASH IS KING

      • At least I will sell all my shares to day!

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