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  • JustTheFactz JustTheFactz Oct 25, 1999 9:37 AM Flag

    so much for that rally :)


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    • ride the waves ... instead of trying to move the
      ocean. Ebay's upside potential is SEVERELY limited ...
      most specifically due to technical resistance. If it
      breaks down again into the 140's and 130's, it is in
      SEVERE trouble. Meanwhile, everything is saying "sell
      ebay". I don't care how great the company is (which it
      isn't that great), it's stock is absurdly overvalued.
      When will people ever get that through their thick

    • I guess you'll be in your 'safety zone'. I like
      to be a long term player but the volatility
      sometimes get on my nerves so I trade more frequently than
      I should.

      Ebay is ready for another split,
      IMHO. It's their one year anniversary and that may
      present very well in this sad market. I'm not liking what
      I see in the indexes and the long bond. Nets are
      riding on the earnings moment and this week will be the
      last one. By the way, NSOL will do great no matter
      what. I think we've seen the light !!!

    • ... suspect we may see further upside through
      tomorrow. Earnings announcement may be confusing. There are
      actually people who were born specifically to disect eBays
      earnings report to find ANYTHING to take the sucker down.
      While still long, my stomach is starting to churn a
      twitch. On the other hand, an earnings suprise together
      with "non recognizable" spin may just do the trick ...
      haha. Good luck to shorts & longs. Card.

    • they made their earnings run and where they are
      now. Its so obvious that ebay will be sold off on
      Wednesday or Thursday. This is as predictable as ebay's
      volatility!!! And AOL and yahoo actually had real earnings!!

    • and 1/2 ...we'll see if I'm right ... just wanted to go on record ... :)

    • Whole segment was on Sports memorbilla fraud and
      that FBI has been investigating sellers on Ebay and
      Sports shops. They had 50 lists of Ebay and said 49 were
      fakes!!! Didn't anyone see this show? My guess is that
      Friday's sell off was either nervous longs who didn't want
      to hold over the weekend, short squeeze was over for
      the week or people selling because they knew ahead of
      time that the 20/20 was coming out and when it didn't
      hit they bought back. Ebay is stated as having
      whisper of .03 and I've even seen .04 but I'm not
      bothered because if it does go up it'll still go down over
      the next few days because of insider selling. They
      can't do a thing until after earnings are out and then
      they'll turn on the tap to start dripping those shares
      back into the market. Look at the correlation of
      volume to quite period this last week.

    • don't know.

      Indexes looking rather sad
      (not just today but our near-term future). I can not
      see AMZN lighting the street on fire with their
      negative earnings release. Let's see how big a hole they
      dug this Q. They will really add some positive mo to
      the sector, don't you think? I guess you can tell I
      don't like AMZN.

      EBAY can go up or down or maybe
      sideways. I am not a short-term player and I could not even
      begin to call what will go on this week with the
      uncertainty of all the economic data to be released on

      I think a split is all but in the cards for EBAY at
      these levels. Don't know if they will announce with
      earnings or if it would even add short-term momentum in
      this crazy market. I just do not know and really don�t
      care too much as I am well within my individual
      �safety zone�. :-)

    • Ebay took out the resistance today at 149 with
      earnings coming out tomorrow. Do u think that's more
      momentum to break above 153? The earnings estimate is 1
      cent but I think they will beat it by another penny.
      AMZN coming out on Wednesday which comes on the heels
      of Ebay, upside resistance is 81 today.

      thinking of jumping in Ebay again but not sure if I should
      wait til tomorrow. What's your take ?

    • I do not have a position in EBAY at the moment,
      but it seems to me that pushing it up big ahead of
      the earnings is scary and a recipe for a selloff. The
      long bond is looking crummy which is not good for the
      nets. Good luck to you longs on the earnings release.

    • This is a new paradigm!!!!!


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