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  • myop1 myop1 Oct 31, 1999 5:52 AM Flag

    Fleabay at its Best!! INCOMPETENT!!!!

    Seems there have been a lot of bids that have
    been canceled on the BMW. Why didn't Fleabay check out
    the bidders before they were allowed to bid, but what
    can you expect of a fleabag, of a company that is
    incompetent? Here are the facts. Report by Reuters, or Hype
    put out by Fleabag to start with.

    DETROIT, Oct
    29 (Reuters) - The power of the Internet auction and
    the allure of the BMW brand teamed on Friday as the
    German luxury automaker put the first of its new BMW X5
    sports utility vehicles on the block at EBay -- where
    the high bid surged to $500,000, or nine times the
    suggested retail price.

    EBay Inc. <EBAY.O>,
    based in San Jose, Calif., is one of the most popular
    online auction sites. Auctioning cars is not unusual on
    eBay, but the X5 auction is the first time an automaker
    has made the initial sale of a new model over the

    The combination appears to have been
    irresistible to some bidders, who quickly pushed the price of
    the SUV to more than $66,000 in the first hour of
    trading. By midafternoon, the top bid had jumped to
    $250,000, then doubled to $500,000 by late Friday, with 144
    bids submitted. The auction is scheduled to run for 10

    PAGE ON 10/31 5:30 A.M. EST.

    BMW X5 Sports
    Activity Vehicle
    Item #190079235

    Miscellaneous:Automotive:General Vehicles:General

    Currently $150,100.00
    (reserve met) First bid $1.00
    Quantity 1 # of bids 33
    (bid history) (with emails)
    Time left 7 days, 11
    hours + Location Authorized U.S. BMW SAV Center

    Started 10/28/99, 15:36:14 PDT (mail this auction to a
    Ends 11/07/99, 14:36:14 PST (request a gift

    Seller (19)

    (view comments in seller's Feedback Profile) (view
    seller's other auctions) (ask seller a question)

    High bid firefamily2 (0)

    COMPANY DO ANYTHING RIGHT????? The feedback is also very
    interesting on the seller.

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    • They spammed the wires with a bunch of news
      boasting the bid of that BMW up to $500,000. The true bid
      is now only $150,100. Some bids may be cancelled due
      to fake bids, showing that EBAY can't do their
      business right. They can't control the legibility of
      bidding and their users even for the item currently on
      the press spotlight. What a bunch of loosers !!!

      Starting to look Extremely Bad And Yucky.

    • card from buyers? I know that they want one from
      sellers so that they don't get cheated out of their
      commissions and listing fees.

      Maybe this is the proof
      that the market needs that eBay can't handle high-end

      Now let me ask you this: would you want eBay to have
      access to your credit records so that they could "rate"
      your ability to pay? Unlike Amazon Auctions, eBay
      takes no role in handling settlement of payment of
      auctions and offers no payment option other than cash,
      check, or money orders unless the seller accepts credit
      cards. Potentially, getting involved in the settlement
      process could be a much-needed revenue stram, but then
      they would be liable for the same sort of bad debt
      chargeoffs that credit card companies have.


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