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  • trading_pro_broker trading_pro_broker Jun 5, 2011 10:29 AM Flag

    Cramer still holding a grudge on MRO. To

    me, this is the best play out there. Cramer can't get over it. He missed the last 2 moves in MRO. Now he is goingto miss the move to the mid 60's. Just look at last quarters earnings and where they are going. Also love that MRO is in all the North American oil plays.

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    • "sometimes as he speaks, the stock starts moving up.........HAVE YOU not seen analysts , lets say GoldSachs for ex, pump up a security and it then plummets.......... uh, i see that regularly. I dont invest based on jim Cramer nor Hillary Kramer, nor anyone other than my own due diligence. buying when cramer first pumps and selling 3 days later is not a strategy, imo.

    • you are correct. but, who in right mind listens to a guy that renders an opinion on EVERY SINGLE PUBLICLY TRADED SECURITY. clearly you cant be expert in every sector. WHO the hell invests based on cramer ?? ( i know, a lot of folks) well it dont carry weight with me. cramer is proven wrong at consistently high rate.

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      • Cramer's tv program is a "canned" one, where the discussion is concensored and what cnbc wants to play, plays. Done in advance, that's how he knows so much about indiv. stks. <I have a friend who was on it

      • I agree with you, I stay out of Cramer analysis. But some traders make money on Cramer comments. According to a comment I read on the Yahoo MB: You buy as soon as Cramer put the pitch on any stock. You hold 3 days and you sale. You basically buy at the bottom of Cramer's pitch and sale at the top of the bump.
        Like it or not many watch or lessen to him, 100K or 200K traders do. That will bump up buying, if you buy 1000 shares and it goes up $0.10, you make $100. For some traders it is a good deal.
        For me, it is peanuts, so far I made $7000 plus on MRO since January. That is a good deal.

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