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  • raman_ds raman_ds May 7, 2012 5:53 PM Flag

    whats wrong with MRO??

    down almost 30% from 2012 highs?
    earnings were not that bad.

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    • Nothing in the 10k. Closest to the $ figure is the acquistion cost of Hilcorp Resources LLC, 4.5 bil.

    • Sorry, I gave you two stars by accident. Good posting.

    • Only stocks for me. I have two accounts that are managed for me. My self-directed portfolio is my smallest account, and it's just stocks. It's the only thing that I spend my time with making decisions, and I take a bit of pride of ownership in owning stocks. I can't get that from a commodities ETF, so I don't have any. Just a personal hang-up. It all works out okay for me though.

    • Sounds smart. I should probably add XOM. I'm a bottom-feeder by nature, and the only stock I regularly buy at highs is AAPL. Your explanation of the XOM share price makes sense though.

      I've got APA, STO, and MRO. APA will fare well if Egypt doesn't totally dissintigrate. I'm a sucker for STO because it's heavilly diversified into clean energy experimentation, and as a Norweigan company, it adds geographic diversification to a nation that is very fiscally responsible and tightly managed. It also has a better-than-average dividend. I got it at a good price and just sit back on the dividend and covered calls now.

    • More right than wrong. Financial guy is right 60% taxes in Norway and hurt by the nat gas. I plan on buying more when I can, I'm not worried, dividend is safe and look how high it came off its 52 week low. If I was smart like Buffett i'd have $ saved for times like this but just buy when I have the money.

    • I tried to start a thread along these lines the other day but I got the usual crap about "don't you know there is major risk aversion about" or something like that.

      You raise a very good point. Down again and again by the largest % margin of any significant oil. Earnings miss was due to foreign taxes - good revenue numbers and hardly reason for this to be were it is. It was a big volume day so there were sellers in some numbers. Notice how it strongly diverged from the SP later in the day. Someone was selling significant shares against what was largely a flat trend. The question as you say is why?

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