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  • rickarooski rickarooski Oct 7, 2010 2:52 PM Flag

    For general info. use

    As of 10-7-10 AM the HTB notation on Schwab is removed. FWIW.

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    • Rick - Keep up the pyshobabble....If you go back and see my posts, you will know that I got in just before the stock began the huge move.

      I am still holding long.

      I am the king!

    • smear campaign??? you get what you sow! The 1 stars aren't mine and you will never face facts. Not a sign of great intellect.

    • Not pleased with the attention. Not appropriate and certainly not deserving. But this is a public format and some clown will continue to "star" this board. Address your comments that way as I'm "all-in" on getting back to healthy discussions.

      From a terrorists angle, the more negative opinon that's created the more SEEMINLY de-valued a posters comments "can" be interpreted. But since we do have your sort, the scientist kinds, they can read throught this smear campaign.

      What the bozo doesn't understand is that there are a wealth of aliases accessable to me as well. And I can engage as many compatriots as needed to sabotage this campaign. But here to for I though this board (collectively) would have dealt with the offender by now.

      Go figger!

    • Rick,
      You have to be reveling in all this attention. Look at all the responses you are getting. Your posts must entertain us all. I have to admit I am one of the scientists you mention but I do not rate you high when you're off topic (which is most of the time). That being said, GLTU, GLTA.

    • <<<<<If you're trading SGEN then my posts are helpful>>>>>

      yes Rick, your posts have been very helpful this week. I decided to play with 1000 shares in my IRA. When you put a sell on the stock, I bought another 1K shares.(it went up)

      When you said buy wednesday, I sold.( it went down). I bought back and now on your recent sell advise, It's at a new high.

      You a great contrarian indicator.

      Thanks, I picked up $1600.

    • Definition of One star = awful/not related to SGEN , many of your posts either have nothing to do with SGEN or many on this board judge it that way. If you disagree ignore it but this is an open forum and all are entitled to their opinions.

    • Here's a response to a thought with a more valued thought;

      To solve the Rick star problem how about Rick stop posting.

      Another thought from Star Trek,

      The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the Rick. Seems overwhelming desire for you to go away.

      Just a thought,

    • KB.
      I could care less about stars short of some bozo(s) have decided to censor the board. How about addressing THAT aspect. The rest will fall in place.

      Last comment about the topic. This is a public board and you get a mix of educated and not so much. I was thinking the scientists in the mix would off-set the rating crap if for no other reason than balanced commentary. Which actually is a goofy statement since I'm pro-SGEN and cautious of Market Maker games.

      If you're trading SGEN then my posts are helpful until such time that SEC rules change the game to address retail. If you're long then it's a wash since ultimately the price will continue up in due time.

      So tell me again. What's the problem here?

    • Here's an interesting thought.
      How about the clown who's doing the star rating just stop the practice. Maybe you can address THAT angle?

      Adults tend to communicate well with adults. Throw a child in the mix ........... Take it from there. Typically childern see the symptoms as the problem and BP&M. Can;r rationalize with them since their world is too small.

      Address the star issue and the world will become round again. It's only been the last 3 weeks where a toddler has engaged. Address you comments to the source. (But you knew that, just didn't want to stop the practice, right?)

    • Overview

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      A person with narcissistic personality disorder:

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      •Has unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment
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      •Disregards the feelings of others, lacks empathy
      •Has obsessive self-interest
      •Pursues mainly selfish goals

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