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  • torgy45 torgy45 May 13, 2011 10:00 AM Flag


    SGN-35= Brentuximab Vedotin= ADCETRIS I must be honest, I've never heard this name before, am I the only one? Well since ADCETRIS is going to be the "Brand name" Should we now use it when referring to SGN-35, I mean brentuximab vedotin, I mean....well you know what I mean.

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    • It sounds like they are VERY OPTIMISTIC that they'll get FDA approval????You know what mother always said: "don't count your chickens until they're hatched!" wboyce3

    • Anon: SGEN has made it clear in recent months that it is in the midst of becoming a full-service biotech company, including its own robust marketing division. Not only for SGN-35 but for other products now in the trial pipeline and, hopefully, moving toward market.

      This is from CEO Clay Siegall during a briefing in February: He says a "commercial management team" has been fully hired and is working to get "launch-ready upon approval."

      And this is from Executive VP-Commercial Bruce Seeley during that same briefing: "We're well on our way to executing our hiring plan. We will be hiring between 50 and 75 field sales representatives all around the country." Says the goal is to produce and inventory the first full year of product sales by the time commercial launch is authorized.

      Question: How soon after approval could you begin sales of SGN-35?

      Siegall: "I can't tell you within one week or one hour or one minute, but we're going to do it as fast as we can because we want to make sure that every patient who needs this drug has the ability to get this drug. This is not going to be a soft launch. We believe in the drug. We're investing fully in the drug. We're going to do a hard launch, where we bring all our reps in, we train them and they're ready to go by the time we do get approval."

      In recent weeks, they have announced that the sales management team is fully in place, field reps are being hired, the commercial production line is ready and they have taken long-term leases on a substantial amount of new office and other space.

    • Does anyone know if SGEN has a marketing partner for ADCetris other than the Japanese rights? I would hope they aren't going to try to go out and market this themselves. I would expect a multi-100-million dollar upfront payment for the rights to market the product. Look at HGSI and their deal with GSK - they get 50% royalty and GSK pays marketing costs.

    • It sort of has an AL Capp ring to it ---OR ,maybe, Serbian???????wboyce3

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      • "If you are Seattle Genetics, and selling a new drug for Hodgkin's disease and other rare, deadly lymphoma, you don't really need to appeal to the consumer masses. Thats partly why the company settled on "Adcetris" for its new drug. The thinking was that for physicians/scientists, starting the name with the letters ADC would call to mind the drugs scientific origins as an antibody drug conjugate. Thats a jargon term that Seattle Genetics has used for years to describe its technique of linking, or "conjugating" an antibody to a toxin that makes the drug more potent.
        I've written about adc's for years, and personally didn't get the ADC conection, and I joked with Bruce Seeley, Seattle Genetics executive VP of commercial operations, that I accidently typed "Adcentris" a couple of times before I could get the spelling right. It didn't seem to bug him-he said the team at Seattle Genetics is happy that the FDA agreed to allow "Adcetris" to stand.
        "I've named quite a few products in my history, and it's increasingly difficult to find an attractive name that doesn't sound like something else, or have a patient safety issue associated with it". Seeley says. "We're very fortunate".

    • I agree with Torgy, they have really butchered the name thing. How about Lymphotox or something the public can remember. Maybe the message board can have a naming contest and send it on to management. :)

    • Just buy some shares dude!

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