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  • sruggsy sruggsy Mar 31, 2012 10:27 AM Flag



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    • blackmenrock Mar 31, 2012 4:44 PM Flag

      Just out.
      Don't forget to pick up your Obama 2012 hoodie.
      For real.

    • The world is getting nuttier with each passing day.

      To the shooter. What are you doing outside at night with a gun unless you had a motive to shoot (not likely) or to provoke. He was by himself and shootings don't usually happen like that. (vs gang, or in a hidden area i.e. ambush. If he had a gun, and, was a neighborhood watchperson, he must have recognized someone who was causing problems. And don't rule out gangland initiations where a kid who seems harmless is being initiated by a gang to go out and cause trouble. And where are all the latino outcrys. Where's the rallies?

      To the shootie: You're in FLORIDA! And need a hoodie for cold weather in 80 degree remps? Especially gear which covers a good part of your identifying features. (Great fine-line. Fashion or mischief) And WHY were you at the place at that time? And what of all the national attention? NCAPP having a rally. Al Sharples and Jesse Jackson have already been on TV so you know they're making this a racial issue.

      I really don't think this shooter was targeting kids and shooting them unprovoked. (Either THAT night or the preceeding months). The story is much deeper here. The black outpouring isn't a backing of a tragity on an innocent child. (Aren't the pictures of the kid kinda over-portrayed on the innocent side?) No, the multi-caused organizations organized anger rallies against this Fitzgerald guy smacks more of blind support for a color and cause and not for right vs wrong. JMO.

      Things don't add up to a simple unprovoked shooting. At the same time, Fitzgerald dad did more damage to the situation by trying to support his kid with stories that conflict.

      JMO folks.

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