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  • riffissimo riffissimo Jun 15, 2012 8:31 AM Flag


    These bloggers drive me crazy. They can be so far off. The Minyanville talks about Hodgkins Lymphoma as being the next great Adcetris opportunity. Wrong. 25% of aggresseive NON-Hodgkins Lymphoma is the next big opportunity.

    I give the blog some credit because I think it's just a type-o. He has the opportunity to get it right later, but again, amibiguously calls the population lymphoma.

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    • The writer also makes a common mistake - measuring SGEN only in terms of Adcetris sales. SGEN is about much, MUCH more than just Adcetris' current and future sales.

      SGEN's primary value, IMO, is in its ADC technology and its partnerships (and the rest of its existing pipeline).

      Adcetris is wonderful, but it's only one part of a much bigger story.

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      • You guys are a little harsh on the guy.

        He never put any valuation on the stock. He never even really discussed the concept.

        I do agree that the core value driver is really the tech and not just Adcetris, but it is certainly reasonable to discuss Adcetris potential sales.

        As to riffs argument that he was either ignorant or mistyped on "front line HL being the next big market", I disagree with this, The front line HL indication is certainly what nearly everybody views as most significant expansion. It is true that there might be more total patients if you grab every nook and crany, but that would be challenging and take a long time.

        But if anybody really feels upset about that article, I would suggest they just tweet David Miller. He is both an SGEN supporter and a frequent Millyanville contributer.

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