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  • blackmenrock Nov 10, 2012 12:53 PM Flag

    Already... Next generation ADC's

    This opens the door to a whole new round of collaboration deals with far more favorable terms.
    SGEN has hit critical mass. Best on class. Protected from biosimular competition and the space that every biotech investor should want to have a part of.

    "This is an ADC targeted to CD33 that we will evaluate in acute myeloid leukemia. It employs our next-generation ADC technology, a new linker, a highly potent class of cytotoxic agent termed a PBD and a novel antibody incorporating our proprietary site-specific conjugation technology involving engineered cysteins, which we call an easy math. We expect to submit an IND for SGN-33 -- CD33A in the first half of 2013. We are very excited to bring our newest technology forward to apply this to a difficult to treat disease. "

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    • Very interesting to see the PBDs advancing. Was this derived from a deal with Spirogen? Can't see to find anything specific on that. Genentech has a deal from Spirogen (2011 press release) for evaluation of the PBDs. Looks like Spirogen has evaluation deals with other biotech/pharma too but specifics don't seem to be disclosed. Can't seem to dig up anything specific on Spirogen/SGEN either, but the SGN-33 ASH abstract is linked under news on Spirogen's website...

      Hopefully we'll get some clarity on ownership of the technology, terms of the deal (if any), # of targets SGEN has rights to, etc, post ASH? Unclear whether this actually opens up door to whole new round of collaboration deals for Seagen or perhaps future competition? Good to see them pursuing all options for advancing the best internal product candidates either way though!

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      • Just to clarify, from SGEN 4/3/12 press release: "Under an agreement with Spirogen, Seattle Genetics has developed a single PBD molecule that is being evaluated for future clinical-candidate ADCs."

        haven't been able to find more specifics about the deal and what rights SGEN has to this specific PBD molecule.

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    • engineered cysteins, which we call an easy math

      ec mAb

    • FYI, CD33 is also the target of Pfizer/Wyeth's ADC Mylotarg for AML that had been withdrawn from the market. Pfizer continues to use calicheamicin for other ADCs while also trying MMAE.

    • Interesting that we are now going through the period of a new dynamic advancement in a technology where SGEN has been best in class. Continued growth through lower hanging fruit in the milestone achievements, continued usage of Adcetris and expansion coming in the EU and Canada.

      Plenty of cash on hand and therefore little chance of dilution. SGEN stay on course.

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      • blackmenrock Nov 11, 2012 4:02 PM Flag

        Not just a dynamic advancement for SGEN but a new paradigm in the way cancer is viewed, defined and treated. Adcetris is not a lymphoma treatment. It is a CD30 malignancy treatment, an expression which may span many cancers.
        It is relatively toxin and side effect free, allowing for the potential of life long treatments.

        Patients will one day not dread and fear the worst word in the English language. Cancer!
        Coming is the time when a patient may get their treatment and return to work in the same day. All thanks to ADC's and the work being done here.

        Analysts may not be in love with SGEN's 2013 guidance but I can tell you that the best, smartest academic oncologists in this country LOVE Adcetris. That's where the rubber meets the road.

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