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  • atpl1959 atpl1959 Sep 13, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    Does anyone else think

    that this continued rise in the stock may possibly be due to the inadvertant leaking (lol) of some treatment results occuring during the multiple clinical trials.
    I always thought Adcetris was just the start for this company. I didn't forsee such a rapid rise in label expansion to realistically view this as a billion dollar drug. My feeling was always if we got similar results from a 2nd ADC this company was going to blow thru the roof.
    Sure there is always speculation about a buyout but I just wonder if there are other factors coming in to play here. I know these clinical trial results are supposed to be hush hush, but I also know that I just happened to have a neighbor enrolled in the pivotal trial that led to FDA approval of SGN 35. Sure I have no company inside info but when you see the results in real life it can influence the way you view a company responsible for those results.
    With SGN 35 results, big results, occurred within very short time frames. I saw a PET scan that was lit up everywhere become almost entirely clear within several infusions.
    If the same is happening with say SGN 33A and AML... It just makes me wonder. I don't doubt for a second that these financial institutions don't have their moles within the clinics running these studies.

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    • The slow shrink of the short position is clear evidence that one reason for the upward pressure is short exaustion. The fact that institutional ownership is very large (i.e. really small float) supports the argument. Owever that alone and with no additional catalysts would not support the whole move so given the ~20 trials (alone and in collaboration) which are slowly but surely maturing (i.e. evidence of success or failure is slowly but surely becoming guessable) leakage is not only likely but quite certain,
      IMHO in 2-3 years time frame, SGN will be not only a very BP but a huge technology company. The difference between SGN and APPL will be that the later is best at making gadgets that people need to work with and to keep themselves current and amused, while the former is best at making products that people need to stay alive and healthy.

    • There could be something in that - many analysts and institutions (and individual investors) find ways of tracking various developments. Personally, I think that most of what we've been seeing during this remarkable and apparently enduring run-up is a slow-motion short squeeze. There simply is no longer any hope for those holding the once enormous number of short shares, and I'm guessing that they are giving up and moving on.

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      • That could be the case as well, but this board doesn't seem to be consistent with that scenario. It seems that every board with high short numbers is just inundated with constant moronic posts by those hoping to induce the less informed to sell. I've always thought it strange how that really hasn't been the case here. Sure we get the Cramer crew every time he mentions the stock but it's been relatively quiet here. That's not to say that a large % of the shorting simply was some institutions hedging their long position and have been unwinding that position.
        I've followed quiet a few biotech boards and somehow this one has been different due to the absence of chronic pumpers and moronic shorts. Makes me think it is due to almost the entire float being in very strong hands that just don't get caught up in that nonsense.

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