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  • mauihope1969 mauihope1969 May 13, 2014 6:17 PM Flag

    CD19 Excellent read: "Is this how we'll cure cancer? -Forbes"


    Remember Clay's response when asked about CD19 CAR-TCELL competition?
    Here it is in part from the CC. " So I don't want to tell you specifically how ours compare because that's internal information, but the question you're asking is a very good one, and we discuss it internally a lot."

    I don't think SGEN can keep that info from investors for long. My guess is that many of the same sites are used in the trials. Especially in Seattle. Maybe even some of the same docs.
    It could be possible that some are already trading on the information.
    As for me, I've lowered the value of cd19.
    I think it was a good and right decision to move it forward at the time but who knew how good CAR-TCELL would work.
    Anyway, this is really good news for patients. It is an important read for how investors value SGEN.
    I'm wrong most of the time...this is not a recommendation of any kind.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Still harping on it? You seem to love everything with a negative tilt just like a Cassandra. Like him your destiny is to preach to the wind.
      In light of the big market downdraft in recent months is amazing how much gloom and doom is being dispensed by the permabears in spite of the same club being so wrong over the past +7000 point on the Dow. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Regarding SGEN we are much likely regain ground after ASCO in a few weeks. Perhaps you need be reminded that our closest competitor in ADC (IMGN) experienced major failures due to toxicity and lack of efficacy. With at least 20 ongoing trials that use SGEN technology, so far there is no evidence of toxicity or lack of efficacy, except for the scare manufactured at the Lugano conference two years ago which Clay quckly dismissed by pointing to actual data rather than BS divulged by a chatty doctor in need of attention.
      I very much wish CAR-TCELL to be successfull even if it ends up killing CD19 but it is extremely early to declare victory and pull out the troops.

    • That statement you attribute to Clay reminds me of message board posters who state they have some non-public positive information about a company but can't disclose their source. Come on time to get real!

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