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  • unumwatcher unumwatcher Oct 21, 1999 8:14 PM Flag

    3rd Quarter #'s

    Just wait and see. The loss will be between
    $3-$500 million. I am not trying to negative about this
    stock. I own shares. Harold and company are getting all
    the dirt out as soon as possible.

    I am sorry
    if you did not get this information at work today.
    It maybe another case of them not revealing ALL the

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    • I'm new to this board so I'm really not familiar
      with all the complaining and griping. I'd like to have
      a serious discussion on the issues that face the
      company and to exchange some true info and not just
      heresay and gossip.

      As someone who is very
      familiar with the company, I want to take a poll: how many
      of you actually work at the company and

      You don't have to give your identities away, I just
      want to get a lay of the land. Also, how many of you
      are stockholders? Do we have any executives on

      The stock will take a beating for some time, but so
      are all of the other financial services stocks on the
      market. It will be at least 2 more years before we can
      dream of hitting 50. It will take 8 strong quarters of
      growth for the stock to reach that level. If you are in
      for the long haul, you should be ok. If your in for
      the short term, don't get your hopes up.

    • Sorry, everybody. I didn't mean to post the same
      message twice. I didn't think the first one went

      Good luck to all with your investment in this company.
      We all deserve some luck as well as superior senior
      management. God know we sure don't have the later, but maybe
      we can have the former.

    • I think we did work together at PVT, and I an definitly not the woman you didn't like. Wrong sex.

    • I am not discouraged from posting my ideas. It is
      just that I have said all I can say about Harold
      Chandler, his failure to grow sales, and the effect that
      will have on the long-term prospects for UP. I am sure
      the board doesn't need to hear any more of it from

      You mentioned that if I were successful in achieving
      an objective of contributing to Chandler's ouster,
      that it would be "at the expense of another man."
      True. True. And nothing would delight me more than to
      have contributed in some small way to this guy's
      professional demise.

      Remember something as this story
      unfolds. If what I have said about Chandler is not
      accurate, nothing I have said is going to hurt him. If what
      I have said IS accurate, then I still say nothing I
      have said will have hurt him. What will have hurt him
      is what he has DONE, not what I have SAID. His
      insurance career and reputation have been built on the
      backs of and at the expense of his

      UNUM, its fine employees, and we shareholders deserve
      better than a guy whose only demonstrated, long-term
      skill is to merge two companies, and then cut costs to
      drive up the stock price. He is a destroyer. He is not
      a builder. May his professional death be slow and
      agonizing under the crush of law suits launched at him by
      producers, brokers, and shareholders. (Just having a little
      fun here.)

    • You haven't discouraged me from commenting on
      this board. I just don't think I can add anything new
      to what I have already stated, and I don't think
      there would be much interest from the board in having
      me continue my evaluation of Harold

      You made the comment that if I achieved my objective
      of exposing Chandler for for the kind of person and
      CEO i believe he really is, it would be "at the
      expense of another man." True. True. And nothing would
      give me greater satisfaction than to have played some
      small role in his professional demise.

      something. If what I have said about him is inaccurate,
      nothing I have said is going to hurt him. If what I have
      said is true, any harm done him by what I have said is
      harm NOT from what I have SAID, but harm from what he
      has DONE in building a career that has been at the
      expense of so many other people.

      There are CEO's
      out there who have Chandler's skills and who are
      builders rather than destroyers. UNUM deserves a person
      like this, and so do the employees of UNUM and those
      of us who have inveted in the company.

    • your input. We don't agree on a few things. So
      what! We both want the company to do well not only
      because of our investment there but because we still have
      fiends in the company. From your comments it is likely
      we worked together at one point in time at PVT, and
      in my years there I only worked with one person that
      I really didn't like or trust. And since she is
      still there, you are not her. I obviously cut a lot of
      people a lot of slack. That's my nature because I
      believe there are many roads to a desired goal. Mine is
      not always the best one.

      Anyhow, I'm looking
      for good news today too because that is Chandler's
      nature. If he delivers bad news, expect it to be highly
      softened by the good news of his plans to move ahead. He
      is developing his "story" which will be sold to all,
      hook, line, and sinker. It has worked in the past.
      That's why I expect to it work again.


    • Tickertocker, while we may not agree on many
      things on this board, I think all of us on this board
      want the same thing. We would like the stock price to
      increase, and the employee working there to be treated

      I, also , have not moved up in my professional life
      by stepping on someone else. I feel that is the best
      way to go through life.

      Unfortunatley, there
      are many others who do not agree with this. It makes
      them feel superior to walk over others. Well, that is
      their choice. Sooner or later they will get walked on.

      Look at Bob Crispin. He came to Unum thinking he was
      next in line to replace Jim Orr. Now he he is gone. He
      got undercut.

      Chandler will get his. It may
      not be with UnumProvident, but it will happen.

      I hope you stay on this board. You have good

    • I appreciate your reply and I had no intention to
      discourage your expression of ideas. I'm not sure from your
      reply whether you are seeking to retaliate against
      Chandler for the damage to you and others that you
      attribute to him, or if you are on a mission to save others
      from the same fate. Either way, that is your right.
      However, it appears to me that your achievement of either
      objective will finally be "at the expense of another man."

      I appreciate your candor, though I might not agree
      with your perceptions.

    • I do have a life, but I can see why you might ask
      the question. Even I think I have become excessive.
      Time to back off.

      To answer your question about
      my investment or agenda, I have both, and they are
      focused on Chandler. I detest the man and everything he
      stands for, and I believe he should be fired. As a
      matter of fact, IF the allegation in the class action
      suit is accurate---that Chandler and UNUM agreed to a
      limited due diligence in their merger negotiations and
      did not disclose that fact until after the merger was
      completed---I hope he is criminally prosecuted and ends up
      counting his millions from a jail cell.

      I have
      experienced the carnage he has caused in two companies, and I
      believe he will do the same with UNUM. He cares nothing
      for his employees, and I have seen him destroy the
      career of at least 50 capable, dedicated people whom I
      know personally, first at Provident and then at Paul
      Revere. He does it all in the name of driving up the
      stock value of his company. Investors will say that is
      his job. But I also believe his ability to inrease
      stock value is limited to short term gains, because he
      has NEVER demonstrated an ability to grow the top

      I think anyone who supports Chandler,
      like some on this board, either don't know him like I
      do or have a far more selfish agenda than I have. I
      believe UP will recover some of its value, certainly, but
      it won't reach its full potential until Chandler is

      I have achieved many thing in my life that I am
      very proud of. I have never, however, achieved a
      single thing at the expense of another man or woman. The
      same can hardly be said for Mr. Chandler. The sum of
      his character, integrity, values, and decency equal

      See what happens when you ask that kind of question?
      Now, I am out of here for a while.....much to the
      delight of Nobody, I am sure.

    • To tickertocker 2000: It is perhaps none of my
      business, but I am curious to note the apparent investment
      you have in maintaining frequent, intense and
      thoughtful interactions on this board. Do you not have a
      life, o is there some agenda that motivates your
      notable involvement and passion?

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