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  • b_zerkley b_zerkley Oct 22, 1999 10:25 AM Flag

    3rd Quarter #'s

    is already anticipated by the investment
    community. Both ML and SSB mentioned write down numbers of
    $550-575M in their upgrade recommendations. This clears the
    decks...ML says UNM could double in two years with modest
    improvement...SSB says target is $40 in 12 months. There could be
    more tax selling in November, but EXPECT a solid 1Q
    stock performance from UNM. I'm in earlier this week at

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    • have not filed a class action against UNM? If so,
      maybe they too could join in the fun. This is
      unbelievable. They are all going to look pretty bad when this
      stock recovers. That won't be too far off, and some
      people will have wasted some very valuable time of their

      Anyhow, if there is a big write-off as expected, it will
      be the last; and you can expect a stead climb from
      there. They won't be fooled twice. It looks like it
      might be time soon to buy more.

      Good luck to

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      • Nobody, you just keep beating that same old,
        tired drum, predicting a great recovery, telling
        investors to have faith, telling everyone how easy it is to
        rebuild what Chandler has wrecked.

        How about
        answering a couple of questions, and please be

        1. After all the write-off dust settles, exactly how
        is this company going to recover to where it was
        before the crash, and how long do you predict it will

        2. The company must improve sales everyone would
        agree. When Chandler has failed to consistently to do
        that in the past with Provident or Revere, what is he
        going to do differently now to ensure sales

        No BS, Nobody. No happy talk. I have asked you these
        questions before, and your answers have been long on hipe
        and short on substance. Tell us why we should invest
        another dime in this company with everything we now know
        and with all the ticking time bombs that may or may
        not be defused over the next several months.

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