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  • freshtang freshtang Dec 11, 1999 1:30 PM Flag

    PRGO added to Magic

    With PRGO being added to the Magic 25, we should finally see some positive movement in the stock. Monday should be a terrific day for PRGO fans.

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    • I have been looking at this stock over the last
      week. Several other small caps popped with their
      addition to the INDI Magic 25, but this one did not.

      They have cut bait on the personal care division. They
      appear to be making strides in controlling costs and
      boosting sales. It looks to me like their products are
      available almost everywhere. One drawback I see is how much
      stock top management owns. I have seen this type of
      situation before (PTII, which sells bicycle equipment), but
      I am still intrigued.

      I am thinking of
      picking up some of this stock, since at 7-8ps it seems
      like such a bargain. Does anyone have any genuine
      thoughts about where the company plans to go from here?
      The business model seems to work (for now), but solid
      companies should always be looking for other areas to
      exploit their success (note priceline)

      constructive advice would be appreciated.

      • 1 Reply to battingonethousand
      • Sticking to their MAIN business is a plus.
        Running the current businees efficently to be the lowest
        cost producer gives them big accounts and volume.
        Expanding the business with new current offerings, like the
        smoking patch could spell big growth. Personal care was
        cut throat and cost them dearly. Seems like you think
        they should be selling over the internet. This is
        costly to start up, for a company that looks to be
        turning around. It could also backfire and alienate their
        present customer base. If business turns around, then you
        will see management buying (via) exercising stock
        options. In this range, I feel the risk is worth it. Hope
        this helps.

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