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  • baumanncynde baumanncynde Aug 18, 2010 12:31 PM Flag



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    • Anyway, have you noticed ocr lately?

      lol, you said you made money on ocr. Right. I was born at night but not last night....

    • please go back and read my last question AGAIN! your knowledge of the English language is clearly lacking....
      Since your a bit slow I'll ask it again here for your sake....


      I did NOT ask "why did Barclays Capital downgrade it"

      BTW my self-esteem is doing great:) another perfect day on earth to enjoy the gyrations of OCR! up down up down down up:)

    • Here is my answer. You will have to ask Barclay why they downgraded. Let me ask you a question. How is your self-esteem doing today?

    • a Cat no, a bull waiting for my security to go up yes...
      You still have not answered the question though......
      WHY is OCR going down because Barclays downgraded it????

    • and sadly you could apply your views to many of the biggest companies in America, your totally right inbred and ingrained policies of waste and greed are hurting Americas companies abilities to complete overseas and domestically...

      No wonder the Chinese are now the 2nd biggest economy in the world and growing at a massive speed.....cut to the bone focused companies are hard to compete against when you have a bunch of fat lazy middle and upper management types running things and boards that say yes all the time as long as they stay in power!

      As long as the fat goes to the management and boards and not to the shareholders things will get worse and worse:(

      Being a shareholder is a fools game since they come last!!

    • Posted by someone who knows the inside, obviously.

    • future is easy to see. in ocr's case nothing will change until there is a shakeup in all management...not just ceo. to change ocr's way of doing business one has to get rid of middle management also. there is where a lot of greed breeds. only when middle management on up is changed will ocr change. from directors on up. all who are involved with bonuses. if you work for them then you know what i am talking about. keeping them in place will change nothing. they all (mid management on up) walked and lived the same line. all about lining their pockets with the bonus buck$ and the heck with the service.


    • I think your right that IS my problem:) I don't use meds or alcohol nor do I smoke or even use caffeine or sugar!!
      Facing reality clear headed and seeing all I have seen over the years investing is a drag, I guess life is better as walking cess pool sewer...Maybe OCR would look different to me IF I had whatever you have floating in your blood stream.

      Paying attention to Investment Analysis Reports from anywhere might be a good idea also as it would further cloud my judgment about OCR and of course anyone with a certified financial analyst title must know more then myself about the future, don't they have secret crystal balls or something the see the future with??? how Do the see the future???

      Anyhow thanks for the suggestions, always good for a laugh!

    • Please, If you would just take your meds on schedule your days would be alot better.
      Then continue to not pay attention to any Investment Analysis Report from anyplace. Happy Investing

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