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  • bobsgrate bobsgrate Oct 26, 2012 12:37 PM Flag

    This low volume erosion of stock price

    is starting to get really annoying. Starting to get a tad worried here as you'd think the stock price at these levels would be causing long term folks to be adding more but the volume suggests otherwise. I'm long with 15K shares and am not going anywhere but this is starting to get ridiculous. Just venting frustrations...

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    • I don't know, they've telegraphed all the catalysts. A new CEO not withstanding (I still think they shouldn't be in a hurry to name/pay one). The earliest news is Q1 or later. So low vol. is not surprising, as is a drift downward.
      The good news is that IMUC has performed so well there won't be much of a EOY tax-selloff.

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    • You would sure think this would have to be close to the bottom. It may or may not dip into the the high 1.70's but that is the lowest I see this going. It would be silly to think that this thing would be at anything less than 3 at the beginning of the year. I agree with the comment below that this definetly could be a 10 bagger within 1-2 years with positive phase II results. The upside here greatly outways the risk. With poor results we drop below 1, with good results were at a minimum of 6-8. That is my two cents anyways. I just went long with 10,000 shares and am hoping for the best for those with glioblastoma and wish good things for us stockholders. To me there aretoo many positive signs to ignore that point to positive results. With Glioblastoma it is impossible to cherry pick patients that you feel would have the most favorable outcomes. With many diseases you could do this but with Glioblastoma you can not. GLTA

      The info from the May 31, 12 press release is another strong reason why this drug should work

      "While not all 16 of the patients in the Phase I trial have crossed the five-year time point, three of the patients are disease-free for five years. Cancer stem cell population measured by CD-133 in patients who went through a second surgery has gone down by a multiple of 3-5 times. Usually the CSC population goes up 3-5 times with the standard of care treatment alone, which appears to validate ICT-107’s mechanism of action. The positive trend between the expression of gp-100, MAGE-1, AIM-2 and Her-2 and PFS appears to indicate that those cells are more susceptible to respond to the vaccination. In addition, several of these antigens were downregulated over time, further validating the mechanism of action of ICT-107. This new data follows previously announced two-year results showing an OS rate of 80% and a PFS rate of 44%, which compare very favorably to historic median survival rates with standard of care alone."

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    • no reason to budge until we see clinical data - spring or fall next year.

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