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  • troublesacomin troublesacomin Feb 12, 2013 12:32 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha (Pump and Dump rag) comes out and guess what happens to IMUC Shares?

    today's daily spike in IMUC share price and the timing of the article correlate.

    there is no reason why an opinion from seeking alpha should sway a stock price. why do msn, yahoo and google insist on linking their ticker symbols with seeking alpha? seeking alpha doesn't report news, they just give opinions on something, that isn't news.

    And who is giving their opinion? really, if these authors were so good why aren't they working for a firm? or how many of these authors have credentials to where their opinion should sway a stock price?

    this power has been given to them by msn, yahoo and google to link their "opinions" to ticker symbols where the vast retail investors are. its a disgrace.

    and concerning the article,
    at first i liked the article as being fair and balanced but then it becomes a pump job for neostem.

    why cant the authors on that site give readers a fair balanced opinion and not try to sway ppl one way or the other? because they are manipulating the market!!!

    it would be nice to know what the so called "authors" were writing about before hand. Just think about how much money Blackmon and co. made on that day on ARNA? it is just silly how seeking alpha gets away with either pumping or dumping a stock. and its all opinion. there is no way that these authors and buddies aren't profiting from writing these articles and i'm not talking about click per page nonsense.

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    • these "articles" should be taken for what they are - paid performances. Having said that, they are useful. The scenario that he maps out is only accurate if everything falls into place as he says it might. The Neostem connection was mentioned by several on this board weeks ago, and it's a valid point.
      Cash IS NOT a problem and the important thing to note is that this stock is running on the "fumes" of PI results and incidental antigen response news from some PII patients."Compelling" doesn't even rise to an "objective statement" level. Time, here, is the key indicator that can be taken to the bank. I would prefer not to see interim results til EO March or later...

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      • sorry, but i totally disagree with your opinion of seeking alpha. these "articles" are nearly worthless. the information that these "authors" tout can be done with little time spent on research by a beginner/intermediate investor. many of the authors themselves are beginner/intermediate investors to start off with!!!!

        i rarely see an article that can be taken as a serious nonbiased piece of analytical literature to help investors. and even if they try to come off as balanced, there is a crazy price target, a pump/dump for another stock or something else to sell to a retail investor. the articles are glorified messege board postings that google yahoo and msn tell people to click on.

        the only reason for these sites is to tell where retail investor sentiment is and manipulate an asset accordingly.

        im just soo biased against these sites, sorry, because i'm a big believer that these authors profit from these postings and really how do we know if they are not lying in their disclosures? How many investigations does seeking alpha or outside sources investigate the authors on their holdings?

        And more importantly do these sites really help retail investors? i do not think they do, i think they mislead retail.

        But my main point was, google, yahoo and msn should not give so much power to these sites like seeking alpha or motley fool to be linked to their ticker symbols where many retail investor (especially beginning retail investors) are looking for information on investing. seeking alpha and co. do not report news!! they give opinions and i would caution anyone on an opinion from any of these sites!

        As for the article, Brian turned what should have been a sentence or two to explain nbs' relationship with imuc (and he really did not have to go that far) into a pump for nbs stock by writing so much about nbs in an article that was suppose to be about imuc and saying noooooo it wouldnt make sense for imuc to dump nbs facilities when imuc has only one drug coming to market. and i'm thinking to myself, "he knows IMUC has 121 and 140 in the works, whats his game?" i mean by the time 107 gets approved (i should say, if things go accordingly for 107) , Imuc should be have these drugs ready to go in only a few years behind 107. not to mention that imuc can take this technology and apply it to other cancers so they should have other drugs coming!

        The article was just a pump job to get ppl with a true interest in IMUC to look at NBS. he gives a balanced approach to imuc but doesnt give the negatives of nbs. i thought it very deceitful to lure IMUC readers in then subtly pump nbs. if your going to write so much about another stock in an article give us the full story.

        As for that other stock, i could care less. i'm here for imuc. if im on a board or reading an article, i want to read about that particular stock not something else. vvus trades correspondingly to arna but do you really think people want to see stuff about vvus? or something more reasonable, this is the imuc board do you really want to see stuff on nwbo?

    • Adam Feuerstein, Cramer...they are all the same. Do our own research and take their opinions with a grain of salt. Keith on this mb is actually, very informative and he does sound honest (honest opinion). GL

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