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  • cparsons450 cparsons450 Feb 14, 2013 2:35 PM Flag

    So let's talk about the 800 pound gorilla in the room and not sugarcoat anything...why

    is this company trading like ICT-107 will fail?


    And, don't say that failure isn't priced in - this market cap makes ZERO SENSE. PERIOD.

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    • You appear to be far too impatient. Let's remember the independent data monitoring committee has not even done an interim analysis for our Phase II trial. Nobody even knows we exist. However, once the DMC gives us a clean bill of health on safety and toxicity for interim results and instructs us to proceed with this revolutionary trial we will most likely get a significant bump.

      As another poster mentioned, the Feuerstein-Ratain rule assesses a company's market capitalization 3 months before Phase III results are released to predict success or failure. That threshold is $300 million for the first tier. No company has had successful Phase III results if their cap rate is below $300 million 3 months prior to release results.

      I have not seen market cap threshold metrics regarding FDA success or failure for companies prior to Phase II interim results. Maybe you could point to established market rules or theories. I doubt it. Maybe you need to be a bit more patient. All the best and GL.

    • Bump.

    • remember ..2 phases...SAFETY...when it passes..more cred..and she goes to 5-6.....EFF comes
      later ..and that is when its either 1. or 15 ....and then approval buyout 25.

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