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  • fman112 fman112 May 30, 2013 3:11 PM Flag

    Do we feel positive about results?

    I must stick by management's opinion that results at or about this time would produce positive results. It appears that some have developed "cold feet" and seem to be backing off previous positive predictions. I do hope management is correct and we go forth and ultimately have great results. Have any of you changed your opinions? If so, why? GLTA.

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    • I don't know that they're getting cold feet. I do think they are erring on the side of caution by not being cheerleaders. I appreciate that. I would rather be pleasantly surprised by a cautious CEO than badly disappointed by a recklessly optimistic CEO. If we believe the PI results, than yes, I feel positive. Every time I hear 32 events though, I think of 32 people who have to die before even an interim analysis is performed. That is the one part I hate. I want this to be successful so their participation in this trial was not in vain and contributes to a better treatment for those coming after them.

    • Hopefully they are telling us the truth when they said that their should be a 9 month adv. to the treatment arm if interim is achieved in the 1Q (late in the 1Q most likely) So a 6 week wait time by the DMC would put this announcement in the middle of April. We are six weeks beyond that so the treatment arm should be around a 10.5 month adv. if their predictions are accurate. They are the ones that have the actual enrollement #'s, age, etc.. and would be be most apt to have the most accurate prediction to when these 32 events will likely happen.

    • Unfortunately biotech management tends to be too optimistic in their outlook. Some like with DNDN get way too positive in outlook. I dont think we have developed cold feet, only our vision has become a little clearer. When we are the "only ones" that can see that we have reached a point of major significance dont we really need to stop and check that our reasoning is dilusional or not? According to our assumptions and modeling we are golden but why, why do we not budge from the $2.50 level. Something does not feel quite right...........cold feet .............maybe..............maybe not. I think people invested here should be prudent, invest yet but not as if this was money in the bank or in an alturistic sense, a major breakthrough for GBM patients.

    • 1 month or 9 month OS advantage does not matter to the stock
      price if DMC is not telling IMUC the data, but just to continue.
      Market will just treat it as all speculations until the final results are
      near next year, I give up the very small hope the trial may stop for
      efficacy at interim this morning.

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