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  • paulookajoe paulookajoe Jul 24, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

    Brian Nichols article...

    ...must be the reason for the jump. As always, he writes quite persuasively, and arrives at logically supported conclusions. Lately, the immune-space stocks have been moving from 2-ish to 20-ish with rapid regularity: CLDX and ACAD just to name two. Why *not* IMUC?? Also, please include me in any whatsapp info... thanks. Paulookajoe.

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    • please include me too in the app.

    • In an earlier thread today, I too like you ascribed todays spike to the article by Nichols. I also agree with you that he is worth considering and writes well and for the most part is very reasonable. However I have had second thoughts on the matter. I am long on IMUC and happy with the spike and been waiting a while for this to happen. Now that it seems to be starting really question whether ANY of the Seeking Alpha articles (good and interesting as they may be) have this kind of influence. Sure they may cause a pop in the SP for a few hours one morning or even for a day or two, but the pops are not enduring. Furthermore this spike was on very high volume (almost 2M shares traded today). These articles do not have the sort of influence to create such volume. Besides these articles on IMUC have be published before on SA and others, and to my recollectioon have not caused a big spike ON THIS KIND OF VOLUME.
      I now believe that todays spike on volume, and the one of a couple of days ago, were the clear sign of a deep pocket investor taking a position. Perhaps knowing of the coming Nichols and Springer articles to come, he tried to use them as cover while he made his accumulation, I hope that this is a sign of institutions or hedge funds starting to take notice and beginning large positions. This is the only way to account for the large sudden volume. Once this becomes clear, I hope that many more small investors will follow suit as the momemtum builds on itself.

      So sure Nichols and Springer bring on your articles - they help, but what we really need is more of what we got today - large investors starting to take notice and accumulating large positions

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      • This article was sent to an email database of over 320,000 people. One or two of those may have decided to take a position.

      • "Sure they may cause a pop in the SP for a few hours one morning or even for a day or two, but the pops are not enduring."

        the 52 week high is 3.52 if you extend the period to a few weeks longer, it's over $4. Well timed, orchestrated buzz can cause massive spikes - Just ask Mannish, he was the master.

      • Look at the last double digit spike just recently. It came on a day when Springer wrote a small article on IMUC and stated he would be writing a more extensive article in a few weeks. Quite honestly, I didn't care for today's move because funds are freeing up tomorrow that I was going to add to quite extensively. Now, I'm not sure whether to wait for a small pullback or get in anyways prior to the Springer article. After the article comes out though, there's not much in the way of catalysts until early 2014 (late 2013 wouldn't be good, so I'm being optimistic). A true run-up could start this early, but with it only being P2, I'd have to imagine Sept / Oct timeframe. But, would be happy to be wrong.

        It was great reading that article by Brian, it's the main reason I bought this stock a few weeks ago....searching for the next ACAD. I got into them the week before P3 results, but sold in the 18's. Didn't wait around for 20, but that's okay. IMUC WILL BE THE NEXT CLDX/ACAD type stock mover. Probably more like CLDX though, which is fine by me.

      • i agree with you, volume to high for a SA story,hope there is more to the pop today,time will tell i own shares in CLDX there pop has lasted 2 years pps from $4.56 to $21.99, with only a few bumps in the road hoping IMUC can do the same.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Agree whole heartedly except for 2 things: ACAD's Pima is not immuno and Brian's article stated 8 of 16 patients still alive, but only 6 are.

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      • Pete - good catch... anyway, the you get the vibe, both Brian's and mine, and for what it's worth, here's how convincing BN is: I first bought in June of 2011 for 2.03 a share when I first read about IMUC's ph1 trial in a SA piece written by him. However, after it dropped all the way to 1.09... rather than bailing, I doubled-down based on *yet another* SA an article he wrote. So, now I'm averaged nicely down, and have been just sitting back and loving how this has all proceeded. What a wonderful treatment this has the possibility of being. My mind boggles at the incredible power that this therapy may unfold, should it prove to be successful. For that reason alone this is waaaaay worth any perceived risk. Dang, it's exciting!

    • Brian is one of the best SA contributors. Has a solid, methodical approach to investing in biotech rather than making unnecessary noise.

    • Where did it publish?

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